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LPT NS Muscle Skelet

nursing skills

True or False After a cast is removed you would rub the skin with rubbing alcohol to decrease any bacteria that may cause an infection false
How often do you check circulation the first 24 hours after a cast has been applied. Every hour
True or false: Cold fingers or toes after a cast has been applied do not have to be reported to a nurse. false
A plaster cast can take up to ____hours to dry 24-72 hours
Normal capillary refill is less than ____seconds 2-3 seconds
Irreversible damage due to lack of oxygen to tissue can occur in as little as ____hours. four hours
Do you need to document if you applied ice packs per orders? yes
A synthetic cast does not crumble when it gets wet true
You should be able to insert ___fingers in the top and bottom of a cast. two fingers
If a person complains of numbness or a tingling sensation under the cast the technician responsiblity is to? Report to a nurse as these maybe signs of pressure on the nerves.
Occurs when muscle fibers are no longer able to shorten and lengthen contracture
The shrinking and wasing away of tissue atrophy
An abnormal curve of the spine sideways scoliosis
An abnormal curve of the lumbar spine toward the front lordosis
A loss of calcium from bones which can result in easy fractures osteoporosis
Before applying an elastic bandage to a swollen area on an extremity you would: elevate the extremity for 15 minutes to reduce swelling
How would you define a prosthesis An artificial limb (arm, hand, foot, leg) to replace one that has been lost
Before applying a prosthesis, the area must be: clean and dry
A full weight-bearing order for a resident with a total hip replacement means The resident can bear full weight on both legs
After a total hip replacement, the hip cannot be bent or flexed more than ___degrees 90
Elastic bandages are commonly used to: reduce swelling from injuries
After applying a bandage to an injured extremity: check circulation frequently
When applying a bandage to the arm you should: start distal (hand) and wrap toward proximal (shoulder)
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