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health 6th and 7th

Calories are unit of heat that measure the energy used by the body and the energy that foods supply to the body
Nutrients substances in foods that your body needs
Nutrition thee process of using food and its substances to help your body have energy grow develop and work properly
Appetite the psychological desire for food
Hunger the physical need for food
Nutrient deficiency when you don't get enough of a particular nutrient
Carbohydates two kinds of Carbohydates simple sugars is found in fruit milk and honey complex straches found in grains
proteins nutrients your body used to build repair and maintain cells abd tissues
amino acids small units that make up proteins. Meat, eggs, mile and yogurts contain complete proteins
saturated fats fats that are solid at room temperature. Most are found in meat and dairy
unsaturated fats fats that remain liquid at room temperature. Most are found in plant sources.
vitamins help your body fight infections. water soluable vitamins: dissolve in water like vitamin C&B Fot soluble vitamins: dissolve in fat like vitmin A, D, E & K
Minerals help build strong bones and teeth. the mineral iron plays a vital role in making red blood cells.
Fiber Helps move food particles through your digestive system
Water A nutrient vital to your life/health. Transport nutrients through your body, digest food, lubricates joints, removes waste, and regulates body temperature
foodborne illness a sickness that results from eating food that is not safe to eat.
food guide pyramid guide for making healthful daily food choices
percent daily value the percent of the recommended daily amount of a nutrient provided in a serving of food.
Dietary Guidlines for Americans two and over Aim for fitness Build a healthy base Choose Sensibly Recommendations about food choices for all healthy Americans ages two and over.
Empty Calories Calories that come from foods that offer few if any nutrients
Nutrient Density The amount of nutrients relative to the number of calories they provide
Grains 6-11 Servings
Vegetables 3-5 Servings
Fruit 2-4 servings
Meat and Bean 2-3 Servings
Milk 2-3 Servings
Bad Things 0 Servings
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