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Muscular System

The functions of the bones

Facial Muscles Open and close eyes and mouth: Aid in chewing; Make facial expressions:)
Sternomastoid Turns head side to side
Pectorals Moves arm
Biceps Bends Elbow
Oblique Aids Breathing
Brachioradialis Flexes forearm at the elbow
Sartorius Flexes knee and hip
Quadriceps Straightens leg
Extensor Digitorum Longus (EDL) Extends toe
Tibialis Anterior Flexes foot
Abdominals Trunk/core mobility, and stability (balance)
Adductors Pulls hip toward the middle of your body
Trapezius Raises head
Deltoid Raises arm
Triceps Straightens arm
Latissimus Dorsi Lowers arm
Gluteus Maximus Extends thigh
Hamstring Bends leg at knee
Gastrocnemius Raises heel
Created by: skylar20