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Health Science 1

Intro to Being a Healthcare Worker Study Guide

What are four medicines that were used in the primitive times that are used today? Morphine-severe pain, belladona and atrophine- muscle spasms and gastrointerestial pain, quinine- fever, muscle spasms, malaria, digitalis- heart conditions.
Who was known as the "Father of Microbiology" and why? Louis Pasteur because he discovered that microorganisms cause disease.
What was the Renaissance Period known for? The rebirth of learning.
Who established the Red Cross? Clara Barton
Who discovered the microscope? Antoine Von Leeuwenheok
Who invented the stethoscope? Rene Laennec
Who wrote the Standards of Ethics? Hippocrates
What is a vaccine? Weakend bacteria of a disease that is injected into a patient to build immunity against that disease.
What type of microorganism is smaller than bacteria? Who is responsible for this discovery? Viruses, Dmitri Ivanovksy
What is the branch of biology dealing with microscopic organisms? Microbiology
What happens during pasteurization? Who is responsible for this discovery? Bacteria is filtered out through heat, Louis Pasteur
Who developed a vaccine for smallpox? Edward Jenner
Who discovered the structure of DNA? Crick and Watson
Who developed the first formal training program for nurses? Florence Nightingale
Who invented a technique to view internal aspects of the body (x-ray)? Roetgen
Who provided a cure for a life threatening disease (penicillin)? Sir Alexander Fleming
Who laid the foundation for the professional behavior of all doctors? Hippocrates
Who developed methods to prevent invections? Joseph Lister-the first to use antispetic during surgery and Louis Pasteur-pasteurization
Who develped the first polio vaccine? Salk- the first polio vaccine and Sabin- the first live polio vaccine
Who discovered the fallopian tubes? Gabriele Fallopius
Who studied and recorded the anatomy of the body? Leonardo da Vinci
Who introduced antispesis and discovered the course of childbed fever? Ignaz Semmelweis
Who discovered the element oxygen? Joseph Priestly
Who performed the first successful heart transplant? Christian Barnard
Who is the founder of sanitation? Robert Koch
Who successfully sperated conjoined siamese twins? Ben Carson
Who studied physiology and discovered the circulation of blood through the heart? William Harvey
Who discovered the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind? Sigmund Freud
Created by: prettyinpurple