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Chapter 12

Filing, Record Keeping, and Communication

Managers 1st resource for questions that are not urgent Operations Manual
What folder category do these forms go in? Day End Paperwork, Invoices, Inventories, Health Department Inspections, Blank HACCP forms Food/ Supplies Folders
What folder category do these forms go in?Completed Attendance tracking forms, PersonnelFolders
What folder category do these forms go in?Balance reports, Signed Cash handling forms, Cash Reconciliation worksheets, Day end Deposit slips, Deposit slips, School Start up, PIN reminders, Second Return Check Parent Letters, Sandwich Cards Financial Accountability Folders
What folder category do these forms go in? Manager Out Folder Miscellaneous Folders
All of these should be thrown away each year because they are updated over summer (look in your file cabinet and please throw any old forms away) Blank Forms
These forms MUST be made available to all staff Members (Outside your offices) Perpetual Inventory slips, Attendance Tracking forms, Transfer/ change in hours requests, worker's compensation reports
Necessary for smooth department function Two-way Communication
How many times a day should you check your voicemail and email? At least Twice, in the morning and before leaving
Who do you need to copy on emails to principals, faculty, staff or PTO? Supervisors and Zone Managers
What do you get in the mail if you have no mail? "Nothing today" insert
Sent out weekly, Have a meeting with your staff to go over Weekly Update
Meetings should not be scheduled during what time? Lunch times: Staff are not paid for this time
Who do you contact if you cannot attend Manager's Meeting Zone manager of Staffing (Diane Evans)
What do you do when you return to your campus after Manager's Meeting? Hold a meeting with your staff and go over information. (not during lunchtime)
Created by: pmallory1