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Common Crimes


Eluding 346.04(3) Fleeing from officer -Operating motor vehicle -After receiving visual/audible signal from LEO or Marked Squad -Knowingly flee/attempt to elude said LEO -By willful/wanton disregard of such signal -To interfere w/endanger the operation of LEO/Squad/or others - & shall not
Parties to Crime 939.05 -either directly committing crime -or intentionally aiding/abetting its commission -or being a part of conspiracy with another to commit it -or advise/hire/counsel/procure another to commit it -or being a party to another crime, pursuit of other crime
Homicide - Intentional first degree 940.01 -causes death -of another human being - intending to kill that person or another
Homicide- Reckless 940.02 -recklessly causing death -of another human being -under circumstances with show utter disregard for life -or causes death of another by manufacturing or delivering a controlled substance which another human uses and dies as a result
Murder 940.03 -causing death -of another human -while committing/attempting to commit 1. sexual assault 2. arson 3. armed robbery 4. robbery
Homicide by intoxicated user of vehicle or firearm 940.09 - Operating/handling of vehicle/firearm or air gun - in a negligent manner -while under the influence of intoxicants or person had BAC of .1% or more or .08% if driver has 2 prior OWI convictions -so as to cause death of another
Battery aggravated (misd) 940.19(1) -causing bodily harm -to another -without consent -by an act done with intent to cause same to that person or another
Battery aggravated (felony) 940.19(5) - causing Great Bodily Harm -to another -by an act done with intent to cause same to that person or another
Battery Substantial Harm 940.19(2) -causing substantial bodily harm -to another -with intent to harm that person or another
Battery to LEOs or Firefighters 940.20(2) -intentionally causing -bodily harm - to LEO or Firefighter -who is acting in official capacity -whom the actor knows/has reason to know is such official -by an act done w/o victims consent
Mayhem 940.21 -cutting or mutilating -the tongue, eye, ear, nose, lip, limb or other bodily member of another -intending to disable or disfigure that person
Sexual Assault 3rd degree 940.225(3) -having sexual intercourse -with another person -without the victim's consent
Sexual Assault 4th degree 940.225(3m) -having sexual contact -with another person -without the victim's consent
Injury by negligent handing of dangerous weapon/explosives/fire 940.24 -operating/handling a dangerous weapon/explosive/fire - in a negligent manner causing bodily harm to another
Injury by intox. use of a vehicle 940.25 -operating a vehicle -while under influence of intox, or while persons BAC is .1% or more of .08% if driver has 2 prior OWI convictions -causing great bodily harm to another
False Imprisonment 940.30 -intentionally confining/restraining another -without consent -knowing the actor has no lawful authority to do so
Carrying concealed weapon 941.23 -Defendant must have gone armed with a dangerous weapon -the weapon was concealed -the defendant must not be a peace officer
Possession of switch blade 941.24 -whoever manufacture/sells/offers to sell/transports/buys/posses or goes armed with a knife -knife has blade that opens with a button/spring/ other device in handle/ gravity or by thrust movement
Entry into locked Coin Box 943.125(1) -Intentionally enters locked coin box of another -w/o consent -w/intent to steal there from
Criminal Trespass to Dwellings 943.14 -Intentionally entering -another's dwelling -w/o consent form some person lawfully upon premises -under circumstance trending to create/provoke a breach of peace
Entry into Construction site or locked building, dwelling or room 943.15 -whoever enters -w/o consent -a locked or posted construction site -or a locked and enclosed building/dwelling or room of another
Theft- larceny 943.20(1)(a) -intentionally taking and -carrying away -using -transferring -concealing or -retaining possession of -another's moveable property -w/o consent -intending to deprive the owner permanently of possession
Theft-false representation 943.20(1)(d) -obtaining title to another's property -by intentionally deceiving them with a representation the actor knows is false -intending to defraud -which actually does defraud
Operate vehicle without owner's consent 943.23(2) -Intentionally taking and driving - any vehicle -w/o the owner's consent
Robbery- armed 943.32(2) -While armed with dangerous weapon or any article which would lead the victim to believe that it is a dangerous weapon, while committing a robbery
Patronizing prostitutes 944.31 -any person who -enters or remain in any place of prostitution - w/intent to have non-marital sex with prostitute, or commit and act of sexual perversion, masturbation or sexual contact with prostitute
Refusing to aid an Officer 946.40 -refusing or failing to aid -w/o reasonable excuse - upon command -any person known by the actor to be a LEO
Resisting or Obstructing officer 946.41 -knowingly resist or obstruct -an officer -while they are doing any act in an official capacity and -he/she is acting with lawful authority
Disorderly Conduct 947.01 - in public or private place -engages in violent/abusive/indecent/profane/boisterous/unreasonably loud or otherwise disorderly conduct -such conduct tens to cause or provoke a disturbance
Harassment 947.013 -Whoever w/intent to harass/intimidate another 1. strikes/shoves/kicks or otherwise physically harms or attempts/threatens to do same. 2. engages in conduct or repeatedly commits acts which harass/intimidate persons and serve no legit, purpose.
Sexual Assault of a Child - 1st degree 948.02(1) - having sexual intercourse or sexual contact -with another person who has not attained the age of 13 years
Sexual Assault of a Child -2nd degree 948.02(2) -having sexual contact or intercourse -W/ a person who has not attained the age of 16 years
Sexual Intercourse w/a child 16 or older 948.09 -having sexual intercourse -w/a child who is not the defendant's spouse and who has attained the age of 16 years
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