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Respiratory System

Respiratory; medical terminology

alveolus tiny air sac of the respiratory tract
bronchus one of the two subdivisions of the trachea
cilium hairlike projections on the surface of a cell
larynx organ of voice production
olfaction sense of smell
pulmonology study of the lungs and their blood supply
sputum matter coughed up from the lungs
trachea air tube from the larynx to the bronchi
ventilation movement of gases into and out of the lungs
coryza viral inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose
epistaxis nosebleed
mucopurulent mixture of pus and mucus
rhinitis inflammation of the nasal mucosa
rhinoplasty surgical procedure to change the size or shape of the nose
sinusitis inflammation of the lining of a sinus
apnea absence of spontaneous respiration
hypoxemia decreased levels of oxygen in the blood
anoxia complete deprivation of oxygen
aphonia loss of voice
hilum the site where nerves and blood vessels enter and leave an organ
pleura membrane covering the lungs and lining the ribs in the thoracic cavity
surfactant a protein and fat compound that creates surface tension to hold alveoli open
bradypnea slow breathing
cyanosis blue discoloration of the skin, lips, and nail beds due to low levels of oxygen in the blood
dyspnea difficulty breathing
eupnea normal breathing
hemoptysis bloody sputum
hyperpnea deeper and more rapid breathing than normal
phlegm abnormal amounts of mucus expectorated from the respiratory tract
tachypnea rapid breathing
idiopathic pertaining to a disease of unknown etiology
pneumothorax air in the pleural cavity; collapsed lung
hemothorax blood in the pleural cavity
wheeze musical sound of the airways associated with narrowed airways
spirometer an instrument used to measure respiratory volumes
lobectomy surgical removal of a lobe of the lungs
pneumonectomy surgical removal of an entire lung
tracheostomy surgical opening into the windpipe, through which a tube can be inserted to assist breathing
mucolytic agent capable of dissolving or liquifying mucus
nebulizer device used to deliver liquid medicine in a fine mist for inhalation
inhaler instrument for delivering medication by the act of breathing in
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