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Psychological Health

Psychological Health A multidimensional term that encompasses the mental, emotional, encompasses the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of social, and spiritual dimensions of health.
External Factors -Family and friends -Personal experience
Internal Factors - Heredity - Hormonal function - Physical Fitness
Self-Efficacy: Belief in one’s own ability ability
Self-Esteem Sense of self-respect
)Learned helplessness: A behavioral state and personality trait of someone who believes he or so is inefficient, or that responses are futile. A response to continued failure where people give up and fail to take action to help themselves
Learned Optimism The idea that an optimistic approach can be developed, cultivated, or learned. Learning optimism is done by consciously challenging negative thoughts, and talking oneself through thoughts, personal setbacks or defeat.
Personality Set of Unique characteristics developed by a persons heredity, culture and Enviornment
4 Components of Mental Health -Mental -Emotional -Spiritual -Social
Mental Component Thinking
Spiritual Component Being (at peace)
Emotional Component Feelings
Social Component Realating
Mental health disorders Depression
Signs or symptoms of Depression -Sad or Anxious -Empty or Hopeless -Guilty -Helpless -Irritable or Restless
Treatment for Depression -drugs -therapy
Bipolar Servers shifts in mood, personality or attitude
Anxiety disorders -General Anxiety Disorder -Phobias -Panic Attacks -OCD -PTSD
Schizophrenia Body’s senses play tricks on you/go haywire. Gives you visions and makes you see/hear stuff that’s not there
Created by: ZacherM99