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6th grade Exercise Unit

Type of exercise that benefits the cardiac muscle. Aerobic
Type of exercise best for weight loss. Aerobic
Hormones that make produced by the brain during exercise. Endorphins
Muscle you sit upon. gluteus maximus
Muscle you work during sit-ups. rectus abdominus
Type of stretch you perform in a warm-up. Dynamic
Type of stretch you perform in a cool-down. Static
Warm-up exercises can prevent... injury
Cool-down exercises reduce... soreness
Climate relate heat injury... heat exhaustion/stroke/hyperthermia
Climate related cold injury... frostbite/hypothermia
A way to reduce chances of cold related emergency... wool, layers of clothing, include a hat, movement
A way to reduce chances of heat related emergency... loose light-weight clothing, water, breaks in the shade
A workout should include... Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises
Short burst of energy anaerobic
You should get at least ___________ of exercise on most days. 1 hour
Muscles you choose to use are called... voluntary
Involuntary muscles of organs are called.... smooth muscles
muscles attached to the skeleton are called... skeletal or voluntary muscles
Exercise can improve social health by... helping you meet new friends/teaching sportsmanship
Exercise can improve mental and emotional health by... improving self - esteem/providing a sense of pride & accomplishment
Fitness goals are more likely to be accomplish when you... say them out loud, have an incentive or reward, have a workout plan or work out partner
What is the name given to the illness when the body's temperature becomes too high? Hyperthermia
What is the name given to the illness when the body's temperature becomes too low? Hypothermia
What are some examples of safety precautions during physical activity? Helmets, knee pads, mouth gaurds, warm-up & cool down, following the rules of the game, letting your coach know of injury concerns etc.
Created by: smanfrass