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Electronic Health Records

The format for the ICD-10-PCS is: A 7 digit code with a combination of numbers and letters
What is the proper action to take when a very ill patient enters the office: Assist the patient to the exam room
When working under managed care plan, physicians agree to Accept fees that are predetermined by the plan
When thinking of an Electronic Health Record, EHR, the word means A review of employee activity within the EHR system
An EHR function that allows a doctor or other prescriber to order medication and tests using an automated format is called Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
An active patient is defined as One who saw the provider within the last 3 years
Which code indicates the type of visit code TOV
The ability of separate EHR systems to share information in in compatible formats is called Interoperability
If both parents cover dependents on their plan, the child's primary insurance is usually determined by the birthday rule. What is meant by the birthday rule The parent whose birthday is earlier in the calendar year is the primary
A log that contains information about the prescription order and is used to document the administration of the medication to the patient is Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
When you electronically archive patient records, where do they go To a storage unit
Why should closed patient records be purged and placed in electronic storage The Laws of Retention state that it is necessary
A reference database of medical vocabularies is called UMLS
Claire works for a pediatricians of that is considering going to an EHR. Her list of functions of the EHR should include: Health information, data management, results management, order management. Which should not be included on the list Doctor recommendations
If a patient has had a malignancy removed and not further treatment is needed it is coded as Remission
What is the purpose of a billing audit To identify poor coding
Lack of documentation during a patient visit could result in Decreased reimbursement
The best definition for a company that processes health information and executes electronic transactions is Clearinghouse
Multigravida is a term associated with pregnancy
Which of the following terms is unique to ICD -10 -CM and indicates that condition being excluded is not considered part of the condition for the under which it is being listed, but rather another code should also be assigned
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