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Female Repro I

Bartholin gland pea-sized glands on the posterior wall of the vagina that secrete mucus
gynecology medical specialty for the care of the female reproductive system
gynecologist one who specializes in the care of the female reproductive system
labia folds of the vulva
majora bigger or greater (as in labia majora)
minora smaller or lesser (as in labia minora)
mons pubis fleshy pad with pubic hair, overlying the pubic bone
obstetrics (OB) medical specialty for the care of women during pregnancy & postpartum
obstetrician one who specializes in the care of pregnant women
perineum area between the thighs, extending from the coccyx to the pubis
postpubescent after the period of puberty
puberty process of maturing from child to young adult
pubis bony arch of the pelvis; also called the pubic bone
rugae folds, ridges or creases
vestibule space at the entrance of a canal
vulva female external genitalia
candidiasis infection with the yeastlike fungus Candida
fornix arch-shaped, blind-ended part of the vagina behind and around the cervix
dyspareunia pain during sexual intercourse
hymen thin membrane partly occluding the vaginal orifice
paraurethral gland also Skene gland; in the anterior vagina that secretes mucus
vagina female genital canal that extends from uterus to vulva
vaginosis any disease of the vagina
vaginitis inflammation of the vagina
vulvodynia chronic pain of the vulva
vulvovaginitis inflammation of the vagina and vulva
chancre primary lesion of syphilis
chancroid infectious, painful, ulcerative STD not related to syphilis
HSV An infection with painful, watery blisters on the skin and mucous membranes
HIV virus that causes AIDS
HPV infection that causes warts on the skin and genitalia; can increase the risk for cervical cancer
opportunistic infection an infection that causes disease when the immune system is compromised
adnexa parts accessory to an organ or structure
anteverted tilted forward
endometrium inner lining of the uterus
fimbiae fringe-like structures on the surface of a structure of a cell or a microorganism
fundus part furthest from the opening of a hollow organ
infundibulum funnel-shaped structure
isthmus part connecting two larger parts (bridge)
myometrium muscle layer of the uterus
os opening into a canal
ovary female egg-producing gland
perimetrium the covering of the uterus
fallopian tubes tubes that carry the ovum from the ovary to the uterus
antrum a nearly closed cavity or chamber
corpus albicans an atrophied (shrunken) corpus luteum
corpus luteum yellow structure formed at the site of a ruptured ovarian follicle
granulosa cell cell lining the ovarian follicle
menopause permanent ending of menstrual periods
oocyte female egg cell
oogenesis development of female egg cell
ovulation release of an oocyte from a follicle
prenatal before birth
estrogen hormone that stimulates female secondary sex characteristics
follicle spherical mass of cells containing a cavity
involution a decrease in size or vigor
menses monthly uterine bleeding
amenorrhea absence or abnormal cessation of menstrual flow
dysmenorrhea painful or difficult menstruation
polycystic composed of many cysts
endometriosis presence of endometrial tissue in the abdomen
fibroid uterine tissue resembling fibrous tissue
leiomyoma benign neoplasm derived from smooth muscle
menorrhagia excessive menstrual bleeding
metrorrhagia irregular uterine bleeding between menses
polymenorrhea more than normal frequency of menses
prolapse falling or slipping of a body part from its normal position
rectocele hernia of the rectum into the vagina
retroversion tipping backward of the uterus
salpingitis inflammation of the fallopian tube
dysplasia abnormal tissue formation
infertility inability to conceive over a long period of time
abstinence choosing not to participate in a behavior
coitus sexual intercourse
contraceptive an agent that prevents conception
colposcopy examination of vagina and cervix with an endoscope
conization surgical excision of a cone-shaped piece of tissue
cryosurgery use of freezing agent to freeze and kill tissue
curettage scraping of the interior of a cavity
hysteroscope endoscope to visually examine the uterine cavity
laparoscopy endoscopic examination of the contents of the abdomen
Pap test examination of cells taken from the cervix
colpopexy surgical fixation of the vagina
colporrhaphy suture of a rupture of the vagina
hysterectomy surgical removal of the uterus
myomectomy surgical removal of a fibroid
oophorectomy surgical removal of the ovary
salpingectomy surgical removal of the fallopian tube
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