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Urinary System

Medical Terminology

amino acid basic building block of protein
ammonia toxic breakdown product of amino acids
bladder hollow sac that holds fluid (ex. urine or bile)
kidney organ of excretion
nephrology medical specialty of diseases of the kidney
nephrologist one who specializes in diseases of the kidney
renal pertaining to the kidney
urea end-product of nitrogen metabolism expelled in the urine
ureter tube that connects the kidney to the urinary bladder
urethra canal leading from the bladder to outside
urology medical specialty of disorders of the urinary system
urologist one who specializes in disorders of the urinary system
calyx funnel-shaped structure
erythropoeitin protein secreted by the kidney that stimulates red blood cell production
glomerulus plexus of capillaries; part of a nephron
nephron filtration unit of the kidney
peritubular surrounding the small renal tubules
glomerulonephritis infection of the glomerulus of the kidney
interstitial pertaining to the spaces between cells in a tissue or organ
nephritis inflammation of the kidney
nephroblastoma cancerous tumor of the kidney
Wilms tumor a type of nephroblastoma
nephropathy any disease of the kidney
nephrotic syndrome glomerular disease with marked loss of protein
pyelitis inflammation of the renal pelvis
pyelonephritis inflammation of the renal pelvis and kidney
anuria absence or urine production
azotemia excess nitrogenous waste products (urea) in the blood
hematuria presence of blood in the urine
oliguria scanty urine production
uremia a condition caused by excess urea and other nitrogenous wastes in the blood
calculus small stone
nephrolithiasis presence of a kidney stone
hydronephrosis dilation of pelvis and calyces of the kidney
meatus the external opening of a passage
micturition act of passing urine
void act of passing urine
cystitis inflammation of the urinary bladder
dysuria difficulty or pain with urination
incontinence inability to prevent discharge of urine or feces
cystoscope instrument used to view the inside of the bladder
glycosuria presence of glucose in the urine
lithotripsy crushing stones by sound waves
nephrolithotomy incision to remove renal stones
cystopexy surgical procedure to support the urinary bladder
hemodialysis an artificial method of filtration to remove excess waste materials and water from the body
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