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CAreers working w/ disabilities

Adapted physical education specialist -B.S. in Kinesiology -CRP, AID, Criminal Check, TB -Public/private schools, clinic,hospitals,consult -$53,920
Occupational Therapist -B.S. in kinesiology, M.S., DOT -CRP, State license -Hospitals, Rehab, Clinics, Schools, Senior facility -$80,150 -Diagnose&Manage mvt dysfunction, restore maintain and promote physical function, prevent onset symptoms
Physical therapist B.S. Kinesiology, MS, DOT -state licensing, specialty certifications -Hospitals, clinics, rehab, private practices -$85,800 -Evaluates, diagnoses, patients that limit their abilities to function normally in life, reduce pain, restore mobility
Athletic Trainer -B.S./Masters in Kinesiology -Board certification test CAATE, CPR, First aid, Concush -HS, UNI, Gyms, rehab -$55,036 -recognize,prevent,examine,diagnose,treat&rehab injuries&conditions, develop grams to reduce injury in sports, games
Fitness trainer -HS diploma, Program fees -CRP, AID -Gym,SPAs,Recreation,Private practice, celebs -$38,160 -Selling memberships, Promoting, specialized programs -Asses strength&weakness,Client goals, leading small groups, wellness and nutrition
Created by: rmart11