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HSC 160- P/C Test 1

Personal and Community Health

Definition of Health A state of complete Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Occupational well-being and NOT merely the absence of disease
Quality of Life quality= living a life pain-free and independent
Quantity of Life Quantity= the number of years a person lives (longevity)
ADL Activities of daily living: Self-feeding, dressing, toileting, bathing
Physical Dimension of Health Wellness Body organs in tact / sytems functioning okay
Social Dimension of Health Wellness Acceptance of others
Intellectual Dimension of Health Wellness alertness when problem-solving and decision-making
Psychological Dimension of Health Wellness Acceptance of self/recognize and express feelings (fear, sadness, anger and joy)
Spiritual Dimension of Health Wellness sense of purpose / meaning in life/ higher authority-> Hope
Occupational Dimension of Health Wellness Job satisfaction
Determinants of health a. heredity & genetics b. environment c.lifestyle behaviors
Health educations a. health knowledge b. Health attitudes/feelings c. health behavior
Healthy People 2000 (2010) (2020) A listing of national health goals / emphasis upon prevention and de-emphasis upon medication, hospitalization and surgery
Causes of death (100 Years Ago) TB / Influenza / Pneumonia / Diarrhea (from Infections)
Causes of Death (100 Years Ago) Cardiovascular, cancer, diseases, diabetes
Lifestyle factors (behaviors/choices we make) account for ___ of all deaths today 50-70%
Primary Prevention stop the health problem before it begins
Secondary Prevention Early detention / intervention to lessen consequences
Tertiary Prevention Treatment for taking care of people after they become injured
Internist organs (does not perform surgery)
General practitioner family physician
Anesthesiologist partial or complete loss of sensation with or without lose of consciousness
Cardiologist heart
Dermotologist skin
Gastroenterologist digestive tract (esophagus/stomach/intestines)
Gynecologist female sexual anatomy / physiology physician
Neurologist nerves / nervous system
Obstetrician prenatal- natal / post-natal care
Orthopedist skeletal (bone/joint/muscle)
Pathologist disease diagnosis (biopsy study)
Pediatrician children
Proctologist colon, rectum, anus
Psychiatrist mind/mental health
Urologist bladder, kidney
Osteopath DO (Nedical degree is not AMA)
Chiropractor spinal adjustment (not MD)
Neonatologist High-risk infants / premature, congenital malformations
Oncologist cancer specialist
Prevalence the total number of existing cases of a particular disease/injury
incidence the number of new cases of a particular disease/injury identified within a certain year (can be affected by gender/area/ethnicity)
Acute quick onset / short duration (ex. common cold)
Chronic slow onset (years-decades to finish)
Hereditary genetic / determined at moment of conception
Prenatal (before birth) acquired by unborn embryo/fetus during its uterine life
Congenital existing at birth
infectious` parasitic due to some microorganism invading the body
Germs Include... bacteria, viruses, fungi. worms, protozoan
Punitive Theory disease is punishment from the gods
Miasma Theory disease such as harmful mists/vapors that come from the earth
Humoral Theory blood, phlegm, bile from the liver and secretions from the gall bladder must be in proper proportion for good health to occur
Filth Theory filth was the primary cause of disease / sanitation=better effects
Germ Theory most helpful for understanding the basic cause of disease / made possible by the invention of the microscope
Theory of Demonology demons or evil spirits caused disease / good spirits created to overcome the bad
Discovery of penicillin Fleming
Germ Theory .Pasteurization Louis Pasteur
Mental Hygiene Freud
Humane treatment / state of care for the insane Dix
Founded Modern Nursing during the Crimean War nightingale
Ether as Anesthetic Morton
Aseptic Surgery (think Listerine) Lister
Vaccination for smallpox Jenner
Control of plague through Quarantine / Quinine Mead
Circulation of blood discovery Harvey
Description of Body Structures Vesalius
Eugenics science used to improve the human race
Created by: jennahamilton