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Health Final

fhealth final exam rewiew

According to the General Adaptation Syndrome (stress response) the first stage is? Alarm
A non-competitive passive and laid back person is considered to have which personality? Type B
True or False- stress is unlikely to present itself in positive situation? False
When 2 parties who are involved in a conflict engage the help of a neutral 3rd party is an example of? Mediation
The intentional emotional or verbal mistreatment of another person is a form of what? Abuse
The "bad" form of cholesterol that leads to cholesterol deposits on the artery wall is? LDL
A chronic disease that can lead to blindness, kidney disease, nerve disease and amputations is? Diabetes
What are antibiotics useful against? Strep throat
How can infectious diseases spread? Contact w/ animal, infected person, contaminated object or environmental source
True or False- symptoms of anorexia nervosa are similar to malnutrition and starvation? True
A desirable level of total cholesterol for adults is less than______mg/dl 200
True or False-lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death? True
A malignant tumor is best classified as? Cancerous
The spread of cancer from one point in the body to another is called? Metastasis
The deadliest and most dangerous from of skin cancer is? Melonoma
How many amino acids are "essential" and must come from your diet? 9
True or False- Fats are needed in moderate quantities? True
Osteoporosis mainly occurs in what population? Elderly women
Before being used by the body carbohydrates are first converted to? Glucose
What factors contribute to having a higher resting metabolic rate? High amt> of lean body tissue
The 50 meter dash is an example of what exercise? Anaerobic
For optimal exercise benefits in aerobics aim for what percentage of ur maximum heart rate? 60-80%
the neck of the uterus is called? Cervix
Testes are kept at a tempura slightly below normal body temperature by the? Scrotum
Sperm is manufactured in what? Testes
The sperm-storing structure on the surface of the testes is? ebeditimis
Sperm leaves the testes toward the urethra in which male reproductive part? Vas deference
Teens who engaged in frequent unprotected sex for one year have what percentage of becoming pregnant? 85-95%
The birth control method of Depo-Provera is administred by what method? shot
How long does it provide protection from pregnancy? 3 months
A painful infection of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and/or, the uterus is? pelvic inflammatory disease
Created by: LaurenHarrison