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Health Vocabulary

Health Terms

Term and QuestionDefinition and Answer
1. RDA Recommended Dietary Allowance
2. FDA Food and Drug Administration
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
Hunger Biological Need to Eat
Appetite Psychological Drive to Eat From Food Cues
Dietary Guidelines For Americans Eat a Variety of Food, Limit Saturated Fats and Cholesterol, Avoid Too Much Sugar, Maintain Ideal Weight, Eat adequate Starch and Fiber, Limit Sodium Intake
Causes of Being Overweight and Obesity Lack of Exercise,Taking in Too Many Calories, Changes in Metabolism Rates Along with Age, Genetics, Psychological Changes, Environmental Changes, Social Factors
Controllable Risk Factors Diet, Exercise, Stress, Sun, Smoking
Uncontrollable Risk Factors Heredity, Age, Gender
Digestion The Process In Food Is Broken Down Into Substances Used By Cells In The Body
Tongue Helps Push Food To Back Of Mouth Where It Is Swallowed
List 3 Negatives About Being Overweight Stroke,Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure
List 2 Negatives About Being Underweight Malnourished, Problem Staying Warm
List 5 Strategies For Dealing With Food Problems If You Are Trying To Lose Weight Eat Slowly, Drink Water Before Meals, Exercise, Do Not Shop When Hungry, Pick A Time to Stop Eating Daily
An Eating Disorder Involving Self Starvation (Usually 500 Calories Or Less Per Day) Anorexia
Created by: 03emercier