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abrasion scraping away of skin or mucous membranes
alopecia autoimmune disease that results in loss of hair.
basal cell carcinoma common type of malignant skin cancer that typically appears as a small, shiny papule and eventually enlarges to form a whitish border around a central depression or ulcer that may bleed.
burn type of thermal injury to the skin caused by a variety of heat sources.
callus thickened, hardened, toughened area of skin caused by frequent or chronic pressure or friction.
cellulitis bacterial skin infection.
comedo blackhead.
corn small callus that develops on smooth hairless skin surfaces in response to pressure and friction .
cyst fluid- or solid containing pouch in or under the skin.
decubitus ulcer area of injury and tissue death caused by unrelieved pressure that impedes circulation in the skin and underlying tissues, called pressure ulcer or bedsore.
ecchymosis, contusion discoloration of the skin, bruise.
eczema Inflammatory skin condition marked by red, hot, dry, scaly, cracked, and itchy skin or blisters.
epidermoid cyst small sac or pouch below the skin surface containing a thick, cheesy substance.
fissure small, crack like break in the skin.
furuncle infection of hair follicle and nearby tissue, also called a boil.
impetigo bacterial skin infection marked by yellow to red weeping, crusted, or pustular lesions.
laceration cut or tear in the flesh.
Lyme disease bacterial infection transmitted by ticks.
macule flat, discolored spot on the skin, such as a freckle.
papule small, raised spot or bump on the skin, such as a mole.
pediculosis infestation of head, body, or pubic lice, marked by itching, the appearance of lice on the body, and eggs (nits) attached to hair shafts.
petechiae tiny red or purple hemorrhagic spots.
psoriasis chronic inflammatory skin disorder marked by the development of silvery- white scaly plaques or patches with sharply defined borders and reddened skin breath.
pustule small, pus-filled blister
scabies contagious skin disease transmitted by the itch mite.
tinea fungal skin disease occurring on various parts of the body, also called ringworm.
vesicle clear, fluid-filled blister.
vitiligo patchy loss of skin pigmentation.
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