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Health 6

Alcohol poisoning Damage to physical health caused by drinking too much alcohol
Alcoholism A disease in which a person is physically and physiologically dependent on alcohol
Blood alcohol concentration The amount of alcohol in the bloodstream
Cancer A disease and which damage cells grow out of control and destroy healthy tissue
Carbon monoxide Gas that makes it hard for blood to carry oxygen
Central nervous system Consists of the brain and spinal cord
Cessation The active stopping something entirely and personally
Chronic bronchitis A disease and which the lining of the airways become swollen and irritated
Chronic effect Consequence that remains with a person for a long time
Chirrhosis Deadly disease that replaces healthy liver tissues with useless scar tissue
Depressant Drug that slows body functioning
Designer Drug Drug that is produced by making a small chemical change to a drug that already exist
Detoxification Process by which the body Rids itself of harmful chemicals
Drug addiction The inability to control ones use of drugs
Drug Any chemical substance
Ecstasy Common name given to the chemical MDMA
Emphysema Disease in which the tiny air sacs in walls of the lungs are destroyed
Environmental tobacco smoke The mix of inhale smoke and smoke from the end of a lit cigarette
Fetal alcohol syndrome Group of birth defects that can affect an unborn baby that has been exposed to alcohol
GHB A drug that is made from anesthetic What is a common ingredient in pesticides
Flashback And event in which a hallucinogens Affect happens again long after the drug was originally taken
FDA Government agency that controls the safety of food and drugs in the US
Hallucinogen The drug that causes a person to hallucinate
Hangover Uncomfortable physical effects caused by alcohol use, including headache, dizziness, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting
Inhalant Drug that isn’t healed and absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs
Inhibition A mental or physical logical process the restrains your actions, emotions, and thoughts
Intervention A gathering of the people who are close to a person who is abusing drugs
Intoxication The physical and mental changes produced by drinking alcohol
Ketamine Powerful drug that is closely related to the hallucinogens PCP
Marijuana Dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant
Medicine Any drug that is used to cure, prevent, or treat illness or discomfort
Nicotine replacement therapy A form of medicine that contains a safe amount of nicotine
Nicotine Addictive drug found in our tobacco products
Opiates Any drug that is produced from the mouth of the opium poppy
Over the counter medicine Any medicine that can be bought without a prescription
Physical dependence The bodies chemical need for a drug
Prescription medicine Medicine that can be bought only with a written order from the doctor
Stimulant Drug that increases the bodies activity
Tar Sticky substance that can coat the airways and cause cancer
Created by: alicennewby