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Health 5

Ovary A gland that produces estrogen and ova. Ova are female reproductive cells. And ovum Is one egg
Fallopian tube 4 inch long tube through which Ova move from an ovary to the uterus
Uterus In organ that supports a fertilized egg during pregnancy
Cervix The lower part of the uterus that connects it to the vagina
Vagina Tube The connects to the outside of the body
Penis Male sex organ used to pass urine or to reproduce
Scrotum The snack like pouch that holds the testes
Testes To glands that produce testosterone and sperm
Seminal vesicles Two small glands that make a fluid with sugar in it to help sperm move
Vas deferens One or two long tubes through which sperm passes from the testes to the urethra
Prostate gland Land that makes fluid that helps sperm stay alive
Urethra Nero tube through which urine and semen out of the body
Puberty Part of adolescence when the reproductive system becomes mature
Second sex characteristic Those features that distinguish the two sexes
Heredity Those characteristics and traits passed down from biological parents to their offspring
Hormone I’m a call made in one part of the body that is carried through the bloodstream and causes a change in another part of the body
Contraceptive Device, product or behavior that prevents pregnancy
Abstinence Conscious decision not to participate in intimate sexual activity
Conception The act of becoming pregnant
Pre-eclampsia A complication of pregnancy characterized by hypertension
Ectopic pregnancy Egg is planted outside of the uterus, usually in fallopian tube
Edema Weight gain due to water retention
Embryo Organism in the earliest stage of development until ninth week into pregnancy
Fetus Developing human organism from nine weeks after conception
Fetal alcohol syndrome Affected infant develop mental retardation that leads to mental disability and effect coordination and balance and hyperactivity
Implantation When the fertilize egg implants onto the endometrium, inner lining of the uterus
Zygote Fertilized egg
First trimester First three months of pregnancy
Second trimester When fetal movements are felt
Third trimester Rapid fetal growth that gives way to Braxton Hicks contradictions immediately prior to delivery
Sexual abstinence The refusal to take part in sexual activity
Sexually transmitted disease A disease caused by germs that are spread from an infected person To an uninfected person doing intimate and sexual contact
Genital herpes An STD/STI caused by Biris that produces cold sores and blisters in the pubic area and in the mouth
Human immunodeficiency virus A germ that destroys helper T cells in the body
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome Condition that results when HIV infection causes a breakdown of the body’s ability to fight other infections
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