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Health 4

Health fraud Articles or improvement effectiveness there are promoted to improve health, well-being or appearance
Health scam Hey scam distributed electronically or otherwise, to a recipient misrepresenting the truth with the aim of gaining in advantage in a fraud lumanner
Infomercial A long commercial that informs orange trucks, especially in an original and entertaining matter
Promotional terms Promotion using words such as scientific breakthrough, miraculous cure, Secret ingredient, and ancient remedy
Fancy terms Text with impressive sounding terms such as hunger stimulator point and Thermogenesis for a weight loss product
Safe claims Claims the product is natural or non-toxic which is not necessarily mean safe
Preapproved inspection Inspection after company has made an application to the FDA to market in your product
For cause inspection Investigate a specific problem that has come to the attention of the FDA
Clinical trial Product is testing in the human data population
Created by: alicennewby