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Health 3

Nutrients Substances in food that your body needs to function properly
Calories The amount of energy your body gets from food is measured in
Carbohydrate A chemical composed of one or more simple sugars
Fats Energy stored nutrients that help the body store some vitamins
Proteins Nutrients that build and repair tissues and cells
Vitamins Organic compounds that control several body functions and is needed in small amounts to maintain health
Minerals Elements that are essential for health
Dietary guidelines for Americans A set of suggestions that will help you develop healthy eating habits
Nutrition facts label A label found on the outside packages of food that states how many servings are in the container, how many calories are in each serving, in the amount of nutrients in each serving
Metabolism Process of converting the energy in food into energy your body can use
Basal metabolic rate Is the amount of daily energy expended by humans and other animals at rest
Eating disorder Disease that includes an eye on the house the concern with one’s body weight and shape
Anorexia nervosa Eating disorder that involves self starvation and unhealthy body image, and extreme body weight loss
Bulimia nervosa Eating disorder in which a person Eats a large amount of food and then tries to remove the food from his or her body
Binge eating disorder A disease and watch a person cannot control how much he or she eats
Body mass index A calculation I can help you determine your healthy weight range
Aerobic Endurance Time what you can exercise, without producing lactic acid, and building it up, in your muscles
Anaerobic endurance Exercise intense enough to trigger anaerobic metabolism
I so metric Muscle contraction in force exerted without skeletal movement
Isotonic Muscle contraction and Force exerted with skeletal movement
Isokinetic Muscle contraction with the same level of force exerted throughout the range of motion with skeletal movement
Cardiovascular fitness Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of the heart, lungs, and vascular system to deliver oxygen rich blood to working muscles during physical activity
Muscular endurance The ability of a muscle or muscle group to repeat a movement many times Or to hold it particularly position for an extended period of time
Muscular strength The amount of force him a sore muscle group can exert against a heavy resistance
Flexibility Degree to which an individual muscle will lengthen
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