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Health 2

Mental illness A disorder that affects a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
Depression A mood disorder in which a person feels extremely sad and hopeless for at least two weeks
Counselor A professional who helps people work through difficult problems by talking
Psychologist A person who tries to change thoughts, feelings, and actions by finding the reasons behind them or by suggesting new ways to manage emotions
Psychiatrist A medical Doctor Who specializes in illness of the brain and body that affect emotions and behavior, is legally able to prescribe medications for depression symptoms
Neurotransmitter A chemical that is released from a nerve cell which thereby transmits an impulse for my nerve cell to another nerve, muscle, Organ
Peer pressure Pressure people of similar age or status placed on a person to behave in certain ways
Empathy Sharing an understanding another person‘s feelings
Tolerance The ability to overlook differences and except people for who they are
Refusal skills Different ways to say no to things you don’t want to do
Assertiveness Ability and desire to express oneself openly and honestly, to speak up when needed and courageous enough to stay true to your values and believes
Relationship And emotional or social connection you have with another person or group
Media TV shows, movies, music, magazines, and all other public forms of communication
Unhealthy relationships A relationship with a person who hurt you or encourages you to do things that go against your values
Dating Going out with People that you find attractive and interesting
A good decision A decision and what you have to carefully consider the outcome of your choice
Values Believes that you considered to be of great importance
Character the way that people think, feel, and act
Lifestyle A set of behaviors by which you live
Suicidal thinking The desire to take one’s own life
Resilient Better able to deal with life’s problems and struggles
Teen hotline Phone number that teens can call to talk privately and anonymously about their problems
Communication skills Methods of expressing your thoughts and listening to what others say
Active listening Not Only hearing what someone says but also showing that you understand what the person is communicating
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