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Health 1

Health A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
Health promotion The science and art of helping people change their lifestyle toward an optimal state of health
How is protection Those professional activities designed to prevent or reduce occupational illness and injury as well as Enhance health and well-being
Wellness Dynamic process of becoming aware of and making conscious decisions toward a more balanced and healthy lifestyle
Physical wellness Process of making choices to create flexible, cardiovascularly fit, energetic, strong bodies
Social wellness Process of creating and maintaining healthy relationships through the choices we make
Emotional wellness Process of excepting are worth, creating, recognizing, and expressing our feelings, and talking to ourselves in healthy ways
Spiritual wellness Process of discovering meaning and purpose in life, and demonstrating values through behaviors
Career wellness Process of making in maintaining choices relating to work which include choosing a job for which we are well-suited, well trained, and from what we gain so satisfaction
Environmental wellness Process of making choices but will contribute to sub staining or improving the quality of life in the universe
Mental health The way people think about and respond to events in their daily lives
Emotion Hey feeling produced in response to a life event
Emotional health The way a Person experiences and deals with feelings
Self-esteem Measure of how much you value, respect, and feel confident about yourself
Positive self talk Thinking about the good parts of A bad situation
Self-concept What an individual knows about himself or herself
Stress management Ability to handle stress and healthy ways
Stress The combination of a new or possibly threatening situation in your body‘s natural response to a situation
Stressor Anything that causes a stress response
Distress The negative physical, mental, or emotional strain and a response to a stressor
Positive stress (EUSTRESS) The stress response that happens on winning, succeeding, and achieving
General adaptation syndrome Bodies physiological short term and long term reaction to stress
Coping Strategies Behaviors that assist us in functioning better in a given situation
Physiological Having to do with the functions of the human body and it systems
Alarm Initial reaction to stress
Exhaustion The stage when the bodies energy is depleted and can no longer deal with stress
Resistance Does stage when the party starts resisting the stress, this is normally consider it a healthy stress of the General adaptation syndrome
Homeostasis Maintaining a stable internal environment in the body were normal body function balance is sustained
What is denial Refusal to accept reality
What is sublimation Transforming unacceptable behaviors into acceptable ones
What is compensation Attempt to make up for something one did not have or did not receive
What is regression Retreating for an earlier time that seems less threatening and requires less responsibility
What is displacement Expressing feelings toward someone or something not associated with the source of feeling
What is repression Blocking out the thoughts about unpleasant things or experiences – forgetting on purpose
What is projection An attempt to protect one’s self-esteem my by blaming unpleasant feelings or inappropriate actions on others
What is rationalization An attempt to justify one’s actions with an excuse rather than admitting ones failure or mistake
What is escape/fantasy Running away from problem through daydreams, books, excessive sleep, etc.
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