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Health test 11/13/18

muscular, skeletal, and Nervous systems review

what 3 things does your muscular system help you do? helps you breathe, helps your heart beat, and helps your food move through your digestive system.
what are the 3 types of muscles? smooth, skeletal, and cardiac
smooth muscle acts on the lining of passage ways
skeletal muscles attached to bone and causes body movements
cardiac muscles- forms the wall of the heart
2 examples of a flexor your bicept and hamstring
an example of an extensor your quads
how can you take care of your muscular system? by engaging in regular physical activity or working out
if you don't take care of your muscular system or engage in regular physical activity you will ... lose size and strength
give two examples of problems wit the muscular system hernia- occurs when an organ or tissue protrudes through an area of weak muscle bruise- area of discolored skin that appears after an injury
involuntary unconsciously controlling or happening on its own
voluntary consciously controlled or purposely done
The 4 functions of the skeletal system protects organs, movement, stores minerals, and produces new blood cells
examples of bones that protect your organs your rib cage and skull
what are bones that give you movement attached to muscles
an example of a mineral bones store calcium
producing new blood cells makes it possible for healing
how many bones are in the body? 206
how many bones are in your Axial skeleton 80
how many bones are in your Appendicular skeleton? 126
what are the 2 skeletons your bones consists of? Appendicular and Axial skeleton
list 3-5 bones that make up your Axial skeleton (upper)? Skull, spine, ribs, vertebrae,and sternum
list 2-3 bones that make up your Appendicular skeleton ( lower)! upper and lower limbs, shoulders, and hips
4 types of bones long bones, short bones, flat bones, and irregular bones
2 examples of long bones humorous and femur
2 examples of short bones wrists and ankles
3 examples of flat bones ribs, skull, and shoulder blades
2 examples of irregular bones the vertebrae and facial bones
2 examples of joints are ball and socket joints and hinge joints
compare ligaments to bones and bones to tendons ligaments to bone is muscle to bone movement is one by tendons
compare and contrast compound fractures compound fracture-where the bone protrudes through skin simple fracture- breaks bone but doesn't break skin
Hairline fracture incomplete break, the 2 parts of the bone do not seperate
Osteoporosis loss of bone density, fragile bones
Scoliosis side to side, Curvature of the spine.
list 3 injuries to joints dislocation,torn cartilage, and arthritis
what activities in your body does the nervous system control (4)? breathing, digesting food, sensing pain, and feeling fear
There are 2 nervous systems. you only have to LIST 1 NERVOUS AND TELL 2 THINGS IT CONSISTS OF The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord
messages that are transmitted to and from the spinal cord and brain by what? Neurons
list the 3 main parts of Neurons Cell body, Dendrites, and Axons
Created by: lmccoy87