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Abrasion Area where skin has been scraped away
Sudoriferous glands Sweat glands
Skin Largest organ of the body with major functions of protection and temperature regulation
Leukocytes White blood cells
Melanin Pigment that gives skin its color
Shaft Part of the hair that you can see which functions to filter dust and debris from the air
Dermis Layer of skin that contains hair follicles, nerves, sweat glands, and sensory receptors
Erythema Redness
Reflex Action, or response, that happens so quickly that you don't have time to think about it
Subcutaneous Layer Layer of skin that contains fat and provides insulation for deeper structures
Nail bed Nails slide slowly over this layer of epithelial tissue as they grow
Basement membrane Place where new, living epidermal cells are produced
Lunula Half-moon area at the base of the nail where new growth occurs
Sebum Substance secreted by oil glands
Edema Swelling
Hair follicle Part of the hair that is buried in the skin; contains the root.
Epidermis Thin, outer layer of the skin
Melanocytes Pigment-producing skin cells
Sebaceous glands Glands found at the base of hair follicles all over the body
Laceration Cut or tear in the flesh
epi- Above; upon
Pathogens Tiny disease-causing organisms
IP Ice pack
MHP Moist hot pack
Pressure Ulcers Skin wounds; also called decubitus ulcers or bedsores
Dilate Expand
Keratin Protein in hair and nails
Sensory receptors Found in the skin that help us interact with our environment and protect us from harm
Keratinized Hardened
hair shaft filters dust and debris from the air
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