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Nicotine an addictive or habit drug
Tar addictive, thick liquid that forms when tobacco burns
Bronchi passageway that bunch from the trachea to each lung
Carbon Monoxide a color less when a poisonous gas is formed and has created tobacco burns
Alveoli tiny air sacs in the lungs
Emphysema a disease that results in the destruction of the alveolin in the lungs
Addiction capable of causing a user to develop intense caring
Physical Dependence an addiction in which the body develops a chemical need for a drug
Psychological dependence persons belief that he or she needs a drug to feel good or act normal
Tolerance a need for larger and larger amounts of a drug to produce the same effect
Withdrawal a series of symptoms a person experiences when he or she stops using a drug
Secondhand smoke air that has been contaminated by tobacco smoke
How does smoking affect a persons skik It makes them look older
Why is smoking especially harmful to teens Teens brains and lungs aren't fully developed
How are e-cigarettes similar/different to tobacco cigarettes Different: no tobacco in e-cigarettes Similar: both addictive
What are some risks of e-cigarettes to teens? death and lung cancer
Describe effects of tobacco to respiratory system It damages your alveoli (tiny air sacs of the lungs) and affects your breathing
Describe effects of tobacco to digestive system Mouth and stomach ulcer/pain. Teeth and gums turn yellow.
Describe effects of tobacco to nervous system Not enough oxygen to the brain
Describe effects of tobacco to excretory system Bladder cancer, kidney damage
Describe effects of tobacco to circulatory system Blood vessels harden; when this happens not enough oxygen
Define Alcohol
Define Depressant A drug that slows down the body's functions, reactions
Inhibitions Conscious or unconscious restraints of a persons behavior
Binge Drinking Having lots of alcohol in a short time period
Minor An underage person that cannot drink alcohol
Intoxicated Physically and mentally impaired by the use of alcohol
BAC the amount of alcohol in the blood / Blood Alcohol Content
Alcohol Poisoning A dangerous condition that results when a person drinks excessive amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time
Ulcer An open sore in the stomach
Cirrhosis The scaring and destruction of the liver tissue
FAS A group of alcohol related birth defects that include both physical and mental problems / Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Alcoholism Addition to the consumption of alcoholic beverages
Recovery A return to a normal state of health / no or little alcohol consumption
Detoxification The process of removing toxic substances or qualities from your body
OTC medication Over the counter medications or on the shelf
Marijuana - definition dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant called cannabration
Marijuana - harmful physical effects changes the way the brain processes and perceives
Stimulant - definition a drug that speeds up the bodys function
Stimulant - harmful physical effects raise blood pressure , heart rate and metabolism
Stimulant - example Cocaine / caffeine
Depressant - definition a drug that slows down the bodys functions and reactions
Depressant - harmful physical effects make a body less anxious / calming effect
Depressant - example xanax
Hallucinogen - definition drugs that distant moods, thoughts and senses
hallucinogen - harmful physical effects interfere with thought processes and ability to communicate, see/hear things that aren't really there
Hallucinogen - example acid
Narcotics - definition drugs that get rid of pain and dulls senses
narcotics- harmful physical effects highly addictive
narcotics - example heroin
Club drugs - definition illegal drugs that are found mostly in night clubs or all night raves
Club drugs - harmful physical effects social setting / very dangerous
Club drugs - example Ecstasy
Inhalant - definition a medicinal preparation for inhaling
Inhalant - harmful physical effects very dangerous / starve body of oxygen make heart beat rapidly and irregularly
inhalant - example spray paint
anabolic steroids to make muscles bigger and enhance physical performance
anabolic steroids - harmful physical effects bigger muscles and makes a person irritable
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