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Chapter 5

Muscular system

Arthrocentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from a joint
arthrography X-Ray imaging a joint
Bone Density test Low energy X-Ray used to image bones in the spinal column, pelvis, and wrist to detect bone deficiency.
Bone scan procedure in which a radioactive substance is injected intravenously and its uptake in bones is measured w/a special scanning device.
Electromyography (EMG) Recording of the electrical activity of muscle tissue (reveals the strength of muscle)
muscle biopsy The removal of muscle tissue for microscopic examination
Uric Acid Test Measurement of the amount of uric acid in a sample of blood (high uric acid levels are associated with gouty arthritis)
Arthroplasty Surgical repair of a joint
Laminectomy Removal of piece of backbone (lamina) to relieve pressure on nerves from a herniated disc.
IM Intramuscular
PT Physical therapy
ACL Anterior cruciate ligament (of the knee)
C1-C7 Cervical vertebrae
Ca Calcium
DJD Degenerative joint disease
EMG electromyography
ESR Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
L1-L5 Lumbar vertebrae
NSAID Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (prescribed to treat joint and muscle pain)
Ortho Orthopedics
ROM Range of motion
T1-T12 Thoracic vertebrae
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