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Health Unit 1

Vocabulary from chapter 1 lessons 1-6

habit something you do again and again until you do it without thinking about it
self-concept how you see yourself most of the time
health the condition of feeling good mentally, physically and emotionally
wellness a state of good health
goal process of choosing a goal and taking the steps to make it happen.
clique a group that excludes other people
aggressive acting forcefully in a way that could harm someone physically or emotionally
peers friends or other people your age
peer pressure influence of a group over your actions and decisions
body language the way that your body shows how you are feeling. Such as facial expression, posture, clothes, grooming
stress feelings of tension in your body and mind
stress management using a variety of techniques to reduce the stress that your body is telling you is there
boredom feeling tired, restless, and uninterested
anger strong feeling of displeasure
loneliness painful, empty feeling of isolation
shyness avoiding contact with others
grief feeling of great sadness that lasts a long while
conflict struggle resulting from opposing needs or desires
prejudice a negative attitude toward a group of people
conflict resolution respectful process for solving problems that works to find a win/win solution to conflicts
peer mediation students(peers) who are trained to listen to their classmates and support them in resolving conflicts and finding peaceful solutions to problems
Created by: pauli123