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Which of the following provides the BEST assessment of muscular strength? 1 RM bench-press test
Client: 47-year-old male Physician clearance: Yes Medical/health concerns: Smokes 25+ cigarettes per day Blood pressure: 136/87 mmHg Family history: Father had a heart attack at age 63 Past activity level: Wrestled and threw shot put in high scho +3
Which of the following assessments would be MOST appropriate for gathering baseline data to help improve the cardiorespiratory exercise program design for a new client who currently runs recreationally for 20 to 35 minutes, three to four days per week? Submaximal talk test for VT1
Which response would be MOST appropriate for a client who arrives at a personal-training session wearing flip-flops and loose clothing Tell the client that the training session will have to be rescheduled
A client who you have been working with two days a week for six months is looking for a change in his routine. His motivation is lacking during training sessions and he is starting to complain that the cost of his training sessions is too much. What is th Suggest that the client try your small-group training sessions
Which of the following scenarios qualifies as a serious HIPAA Violation? The trainer stores files behind the front desk for easy access.
According to the glycemic index (GI), which of the following foods is considered a low-GI food All Bran cereal
Which of the following is a SMART goal "I will lose 10 pounds for my brother's wedding in 3 months by running 3 days per week for 30-45 minutes and doing circuit training 2 days per week for 60 minutes."
You begin working with a new client who prefers to train outdoors. She wants to begin running, so you locate a local trail where you are legally able to train with her. What is the BEST precaution to take when venturing out on this new trail with her for Encourage the client to walk the trail the first time to learn the terrain and begin building fitness for running
Progressing to a three-zone cardiorespiratory training program with intensities performed below VT1, from VT1 to just below VT2, and at VT2 and above would be warranted for which of the following clients? 53-year-old female runner who runs 4-6 days per week and wants to qualify for the Boston Marathon
A personal trainer appropriately progresses a client's workout to include barbell squats to increase the intensity of her leg workouts. The trainer spots her correctly as she completes the first two sets with ease. During the third set, the trainer is dis ....
the trainer is distracted by a fellow trainer who enters the weight room. During this distraction, the client loses balance momentarily, and has to drop the weight behind her. She immediately complains of back spasms. In this situation, for which act is t Negligence resulting from an act of omission
Your client has hit a plateau in her workouts. Upon further review of her exercise records, you notice that she has been averaging only two workouts per week over the last four weeks. What would be the MOST appropriate course of action to help address her Increase the frequency of training to three times per week
Which of the following is MOST important to the development of a good client-trainer relationship? Development of trust between client and trainer
What are the three sites to measure when conducting a body-composition assessment using the Jackson and Pollock three-site skinfold equation for women? triceps, thigh, suprilium
Which of the following would be WITHIN the scope of practice for personal trainers? Explaining foods and meal-preparation methods that a client can select at home and at restaurants to decrease saturated fat intake
A 58-year-old client you have been working with for several months tells you that she just completed a bone mineral density (BMD) scan and was diagnosed with osteopenia. Her physician has given her a medical release to exercise as tolerated to improve bon Modify resistance training to include two sets of each exercise with a weight that fatigues the muscles in approximately eight repetitions
A client has progressed from performing eight squat repetitions with 300 pounds to performing 12 repetitions with that same weight. Using a double-progressive training protocol, what would be the MOST appropriate weight to progress him to during his next 315 lb
A client has achieved his initial goal of running a 10K (6.2 miles) in 50 minutes but would like to improve his time. His program consists of 30-50 minute runs, three to four times per week. What modification would be MOST effective in helping this client Incorporate a running interval-training program
Which of the following exercises would be MOST appropriate to include in a client's initial exercise program if he has postural issues due to a lack of range of motion (ROM) in hip extension? Half-kneeling triplanar stretch
Which of the following produces a stretch reflex when stimulated? Muscle spindles
Which strategy would provide the BEST agreement between the client and trainer with respect to the client's motivation and goals? The trainer should design the initial program based on the client's expectations and prior experience.
Why should personal trainers obtain a physician's medical release prior to training a high-risk client? It allows the physician to provide guidelines for the exercise program.
During the initial session with a new client, she tells you that her physician has recently recommended that she begin a regular exercise program and increase her intake of omega-3 (linolenic) fatty acids. She is happy to be working with you to get her ex Egg yolk and cold water fish or shellfish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, cod, crab, shrimp and oysters
During a reassessment of the hurdle step screen, you notice the client exhibiting anterior pelvic tilt with a forward torso lean. Based on this information, his program should include exercises to STRENGTHEN which of the following groups of muscles? Rectus abdominis and hip extensors
Reducing exercise intensity is recommended in which of the following situations? Following a 2-week period of complete rest
What is the BEST strategy to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) when working with a new client? Progress resistance training from low-intensity to moderate-intensity over the first five to 10 training sessions
A client comes to you after a physician's appointment where she was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Which exercise should be considered CONTRAINDICATED when designing a program for this client? push-ups
The wife of a client training under your supervision calls to request progress information for her husband so that she can evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the program. Your client has been doing well and states that he enjoys working with you. What is Politely decline to discuss her husband's progress and suggest that she communicate directly with him.
After working with a new client for several sessions, you note that she is very focused on her weight, and you are growing concerned that she has an eating disorder due to stories she tells you about binge eating, excessive exercise following binges, and Express your concern that she may have an eating disorder, and recommend that she meet with a physician or registered dietitian for evaluation and guidance.
Bone loss that results from long periods of inactivity is BEST explained by which of the following laws? Wolff's Law
Which of the following suggestions meets American Dietetic Association (ADA) guidelines regarding nutrition for people performing extended bouts of cardiorespiratory exercise? Try to consume 30 to 60 grams of easily digestible carbohydrates every hour during training sessions lasting more than 60 minutes.
Your client is struggling to lose the last 10 pounds (4.5 kg) to reach her goal weight. She is thinking about taking a popular supplement that she has seen on television. What is the BEST response for a personal trainer to provide to this client? "I can help you research potential negative side effects from the supplement, but for more specific information you should talk with a registered dietitian. "
Distributing photocopies of articles found in popular fitness magazines without prior consent from the publisher would MOST likely put a personal trainer at risk for violation of which law? Copyright
What type of insurance would protect a facility in the event it was sued by a member who tripped over an elliptical machine and strained his lower back? General Liability
What is the PRIMARY goal of adding the hip-hinge exercise to a client's program when progressing her from a program focused on postural stability to one focused on training movement patterns? Emphasizing "glute dominance" over "quad dominance"
Which of the following would be MOST effective in helping a personal trainer develop a client's initial program? Asking the client to complete an exercise history and attitude questionnaire
Which exercise is CONTRAINDICATED for a client with a history of shoulder impingement syndrome? Overhead barbell press in the frontal plane
Which of the following guidelines would be MOST effective for a resistance-training program designed to increase muscular strength? Sets of 4-6 repetitions at 80-90% 1 RM with 2-5 minute rest intervals
Your client would like to lose 30 lb (13.6kg) over the next 20 weeks. She has decided to reduce her daily caloric intake by 450 kcal. In addition to this change, what is the MINIMUM number of kcal she would need to expend through physical activity each da 300 kcal
Which of the following would be CONTRAINDICATED for a client who has low-back pain and a physician's release to exercise as tolerated? Performing full-ROM low-back exercises first thing in the morning when the body is well rested
Which of the following is an example of an open-ended question? "What do you hope to achieve from an exercise program?"
A new client you are working with has medical clearance to exercise and is currently taking diuretic medication for hypertension. Which of the following recommendations is MOST appropriate? Consume fluids before, during, and after exercise
An 18-year-old client is starting an exercise program to increase strength for the upcoming high school football season. He currently weighs 200 lb (91 kg) and wants to know if the protein bar he consumes twice daily is sufficient for his protein intake. Explain that 1.2 to 1.7 g of protein is recommended per kilogram of body weight for strength-trained athletes, and that it is best if this protein comes from a healthful diet
Which muscles would be MOST important to stretch if a client has limited range of motion (ROM) in shoulder internal rotation? Teres Minor and Infaspinatus
A client you have been working with is now performing 30 minutes of continuous cardiorespiratory exercise at a moderate intensity below the talk test threshold three to four days per week. What modification would provide the MOST effective individualized Determine HR at VT1 using the submaximal talk test and progress exercise through interval work above VT1
To assist a potential client's transition from the contemplation stage of change to the preparation stage, which strategy would be MOST effective? Discussing any apprehensions and allowing for questions about exercise
A new client completes a three-day food diary. You notice that she eats at the same taco shop every day because it is convenient. Her favorite meal is a beef burrito and a diet soda. Based upon the nutrition information provided below for the beef burrito Carbohydrates
According to the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) 2005 Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI), what are the recommendations for percentage of calories consumed from carbohydrates, protein, and fat for active adults? 45-65% carbohydrates, 10-35% protein, and 20-35% fat
Which of the following is a closed-chain exercise? Decline push-up
You are conducting a hurdle step screen with a new client. As she lifts her left foot over the hurdle, you observe that her right hip adducts more than 2 inches. Which of the following would be the MOST likely cause of this movement? Weak right gluteus medius and maximus
During the Thomas test, you observe that the back of the client's thigh touches the table but the knee does not flex to 80 degrees. What is the MOST likely cause? Tightness in the rectus femoris
A new client has come to work with you because her doctor recommended she begin an exercise regimen due to her hypertension and being 20 lb (9 kg) overweight. She believes that exercise will not improve her health and has only come to see you based on the Precontemplation
What is the BEST way to communicate proper technique when teaching a client how to do a triceps extension exercise? Give a short explanation while demonstrating and then have the client perform the exercise
During a postural screening with a new client, you observe that he has a forward-head position from spending many hours at the computer. Which of the following is MOST associated with this postural deviation? Tight cervical spine extensors
Which exercise would be the MOST appropriate progression for a client who can perform two sets of 12 repetitions of the seated bilateral cable press exercise with good form? Standing bilateral cable press
Which of the following observations during the bend and lift screen would indicate that a client has excessive tightness in the plantarflexors? Unable to keep the heels in contact with the floor
What is the PRIMARY focus of movement training? Teaching clients to perform efficient squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, and rotational movements in all three planes
You have been asked to design an exercise program for a group of eight 12-year-old boys. As you design the exercise program, which of the following would be CONTRAINDICATED? Scheduling maximal strength assessments every eight weeks to monitor progress
Which of the following is the BEST example of an undulating periodization program? Full-body resistance-training program consisting of 3 sets of 4-8 repetitions at 80-90% 1 RM on Monday, 3 sets of 12-16 repetitions at 60-70% 1 RM on Wednesday, and 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions at 70-80% 1 RM on Friday