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tobacco/alcohol 6th

tobacco a plant with leaves that can be dried and mixed with chemicals to make products such as cigarettes and cigars
alcohol a liquid that can affect the way people think and act when they drink it
these cause reactions to alcohol body weight, food in stomach
nicotine an addictive drug found in all tobacco products
carbon monoxide a dangerous gas found in cigarette smoke
tar black, sticky substance that coats the lungs
early effects of cigarettes hair and clothes smell bad, bad breath, dulled taste buds, yellow teeth, wrinkled skin
environmental tobacco smoke secondhand smoke, mixture of exhaled smoke and smoke from the ends of lit cigarettes
smokeless tobacco chewing tobacco, snuff, spit tobacco
emphysema a disease in which the lungs get so damaged that they cannot absorb enough oxygen
cancer a disease in which groups of cells grow uncontrollably and destroy healthy body tissues
intoxication the state of being affected by alcohol
blood alcohol concentration BAC, percentage of alcohol in a person's blood
cirrhosis a disease that causes the liver to stop working properly
ulcers open sores
fetal alcohol syndrome group of birth defects that can occur when an unborn baby is exposed to alcohol
tolerance the body's ability to resist the effects of a drug, causes the person to need more of a drug to feel the effects
drug addiction person who can not control their use of a drug
alcoholism a disease caused by physical and psychological dependence to alcohol
peer pressure influence from a friend or group of friends
Created by: adafler