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First aid

What is the temporary and immediate treatment given to a person who is injured or has suddenly become ill? First Aid
What is the importance off first aid? To preserve life, to prevent further harm, and to alleviate suffering and promote recovery
What are the characteristics of a good first aider? Gentle, Resourceful, Observant, Tactful, Empathetic, Respectable
What is a bag or a case containing basic medical supplies that are designed to be used on someone who is injured or who suddenly becomes ill? First aid kit
What is the most common term referred to in first aid? ABC(and sometimes D)
What does ABCD stand for? Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Deadly bleeding or Defibrillation
What are the primary and secondary survey? DRAB(Primary survey) DOMS(Secondary Survey)
What does DRAB stand for? Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing
What does DOMS stand for? Deformities, Open wounds, Medic alert tags, Swellings
What does CPR stand for? cardiopulmonary resuscitation
After the secondary survey, what is done to the casualty? placed in a recovery position
How many bones and muscles are in the body? 206 bones and more than 600 muscles
What is a point where two bones meet called? Joint
What are the fibers that connect bones together called? Ligaments
What are tough tissue fibers that connect muscles to bones called? Tendons
What is a material/device used to protect and immobilize a body part called? Splint
What are the types of splints? Rigid Splint, Soft Splint, Self Splint(anatomic splint)
A splint that must include the joints above and below the injured part is for what? injured bone
A splint that must include the bones above and below the injured part is for what? injured joint
What is a break or a crack in a bone called? fracture
What are the types of fractures? Simple, Compound, Greenstick, Comminuted, Impacted
Which fracture remains contained or does not break skin? Simple
Which fracture involves damage also in the skin or mucous membrane? Compound
What is a another name for a compound fracture? open fracture
What type of fracture is bent on one side of the bone and the other side broken? Greenstick
What type of fracture is it called when a bone is splintered into several fragments? Comminuted
What fracture is it if a bone fragment is driven into another bone fragment? Impacted
Its signs are pain, swelling, loss of movement, and deformity. What is it? Fracture
Its signs are pain, swelling upon movement, loss of movement, and deformity. What is it? Dislocation
What is the practice of avoiding contact with patients' bodily fluids called? universal precaution
It is often accompanied by stretched ligaments. What is it? Dislocation
Its signs are pain that increases with movement or weight bearing, swelling and tenderness. What is it? Sprains
It is an injury to the ligaments, tendons and soft tissue around a joint caused by undue stretching. What is it? Sprains
It is an overstretching of muscles and or tendons. What is it? Strains
Its signs are pain, swelling, Stiffness and firmness to the area. What is it?
What is the technique used for treating injuries in which pain is lessened, swelling is limited, tissue damage is reduced and faster healing is promoted? RICE treatment
What does RICE stand for? Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
What affects the top layer of the skin, ed and dry, painful to touch and heals in six days without permanent scarring? First Degree Burn
What affects the top layer of the skin with blister formation that might open and dischare clear fluids that heals 2-4 weeks? Second Degree Burn
What affects all layers of skin and painless because of damaged nerve endings? Third Degree Burn
What burn is electrical or chemical? Third Degree Burn
What are the Five types of Open wounds? Abrasion, Incision, Laceration, Puncture and Avulsion
How ae wounds classified? by their cause
What open wound occurs when the skin is rubbed or scraped against a had or rough surface? Abrasion
It is an open wound caused by sharp objects and bleeds a lot and quickly. What is it? Incision
What deep open wound can damage tendons, ligaments, and muscles? Incision
What open wound is a deep cut or tearing of the skin and its bleeding is rapid and extensive? Laceration
it is a small hole caused by a long, pointy object. What is it? puncture
It is the complete or partial tearing away of skin and tissue that bleed heavily and rapidly. What is it? Avulsion
What is an internal injury where there is no break in the continuity of the skin and its tissue? Closed Wound
These are caused commonly by a forceful impact of a blunt object to a skin. What are these? Closed Wound
They are commonly known as bruises. What ae they? Contusion
What are the two type of closed wounds? Contusions and Internal punctures and lacerations
These wounds result from broken bones. What are these? Internal punctures and laceration
What covers an open wound and touches the wound? Dressings
What should be sterile, larger than the wound, thick, soft, and compressible, and lint free? Dressings
What are the purposes of a dressing? Control bleeding Prevent infection and contamination Absorb blood and drainage Protect Wound
What are the types of dressings? Gauze pads, Adhesive strips and Trauma dressings
What should be the characteristics of an improvised dressing? clean. absorbent, soft, lint free as possible
What are dressings for small wounds? Gauze pads
What are dressings for small cuts and abrasions? Adhesive strips
What dressing have the characteristic of large, thick and absorbent? Trauma Dressings
What should be clean but need not to be sterile? Bandages
What are the types of bandages? Roller bandages, Self-adhering, conforming bandages, Gauze rollers, Elastic roller bandages, triangular bandages and Adhesive tapes and strips
It refers to the bowel movements that are runny, loose and watery, and often occurring frequently in a short period of time? Diarrhea
Its symptoms are LBM more than 3x a day, loss of appetite, nausea and stomach Cramping. What is it? Diarrhea
What occurs when the colon does not absorb liquids from the foods and fluids eaten quickly enough, leaving a watery stool in the colon track? Diarrhea
It is either the mix of salt in water or salt in food. What is it? WHO rehydration salt
What can one taken in case of a moderate to severe suffering of diarrhea? electrolyte solution like Gatorade
What does the BRAT diet include? Banana, Rice, Applesauce, and dry Toast
What is an emergency where the airway is blocked? Choking
What is a warning that a person has difficult breathing and is shown by clutching at the throat with both hands? universal distress signal
What are a series of thrusts to the abdomen that forces air from the lungs to dsilodge an object? Abdominal thrusts
What is a nother term for abdominal thrusts? Heimlich Maneuver
What is the uneasiness of the stomach that often comes before vomiting? Nausea
What is the forcible or involuntary emptying of stomach contents through the mouth? Vomiting
Created by: judy leen