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Ace ReviewQuestions8

Ace Chapter 10 Review Questions

Which of the following physiological states would MOST likely occur as a result of one resistance training session? Transient hypertrophy
Your new client is a 47-y old woman who wants to lose weight, but is a bit apprehensive about resist. training b/c she doesnt want to "get big." Based on this info, what response is BEST facilitate resistance-training program adherence and motivation? Explain the average adult muscle-tissue loss of 5 lb (2.3 kg) per decade, and how resistance training can help her restore lost muscle and raise resting metabolism.
Which of the following statements about the role of type 1 muscle fibers during resistance-training exercises is MOST accurate? They are active primarily during lower levels of force production.
Performing which combination of sets, repetitions, and load would result in the GREATEST total training volume? 2 sets x 12 repetitions with 90 pounds (40.9 kg).
You are working w/ a new client who wants to begin resistance training in prep. for a 1-month backpacking trip he will be taking through the Rocky Mountains. Which of the following would be BEST for helping him prep for the rigors of this multiday trip? 2-3 sets of 12-16 repetitions
What work-to-recovery ratio would be MOST appropriate to include in a resistance-training circuit for small-group personal-training sessions with clients who have primary goals that require enhanced muscular endurance? 75-second work interval:15-second recovery interval.
You are working with a client who wants to train for a specific athletic competition. Before progressing this client to performance training (phase 4), what criteria should he meet to allow for a safe and effective transition to this type of training? Good postural stability, proper movement patterns, and relatively high levels of strength.
What plyometric drill would provide the MOST appropriate progression for a client who can successfully perform a predetermined number of vertical jumps and single linear jumps? Multiple linear jumps.
Which of the following groups of individuals would work BEST together in a small-group training session? Four people with similar fitness goals.
Which of the following terms is defined as the product of muscular strength and movement speed? Muscular Power
Which of the following is a skill-related parameter that might be addressed in a client's exercise program? Balance
Training frequency is inversely related to both training __________ and training __________. Volume; intensity
A client's resistance-training regimen involves performing four sets of each exercise, with each set containing four repetitions. This training volume BEST addresses which training goal? Muscular Strength
What is the first progression made when utilizing the double-progressive training protocol? Adding repetitions to the set
According to the principle of reversibility, a client who stops performing resistance exercise will lose strength at about __________ that it was gained One-half the rate
After progressing to the load-training phase of the ACE IFT Model, a client has mastered the stability and mobility exercises from the previous phases and no longer needs to include them in each workout. False
Frequency: Provide at least 72 hours recovery time between exercises for the same muscle groups Muscular Hypertrophy
Intensity: Between 70 and 80% of maximum resistance, reaching fatigue between 50 and 70 seconds Muscular Hypertrophy
Repetitions: Eight to 12 Muscular Hypertrophy
Sets: Three to four sets with 30 to 60 seconds rest between successive training sets Muscular Hypertrophy
Type: A combination of multijoint and single-joint exercises using various techniques, including breakdown training and assisted training Muscular Hypertrophy
A plyometric exercise program BEST addresses which aspect of muscular fitness? Muscular Power
Which of the following types of plyometric drills provides the highest intensity? Hops and bounds