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Western Medical Terminology: Ch. 4

Antigen a substance usually foreign to body that stimulates production of antibodies
Antibodies protein substances made by white blood cells in response to presence of foreign antigens
Rh Condition an antigen antibody condition that develops when there is a difference in Rh blood factor btw that of a pregnant mother (Rh negative) and that of the fetus (Rh positive)
Congenital Anomaly an irregularity in a structure or organ that an infant is born with, not genetic; (i.e. syndactyly-webbed fingers/feet, heart defects and clubbed feet)
Syndrome a group of signs or symptoms that occur together and indicate a particular disease or abnormal condition (constellation of signs and symptoms, i.e.: Cushing or Reye Syndrome)
Transurethral Resection resection of prostate gland; a portion is removed with an instrument passed through (trans) urethra, hyperplasia (prostate tissue increases) and interferes with urination
Ultrasonography a diagnostic technique using ultrasound waves to produce an image or photograph of an organ or tissue
Echocardiogram ultrasound image of heart
Sonogram fetal ultrasound image
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