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health history

Person what they did
Clara Barton Founded the American red cross in 1881
Chinese Used acupuncture to relieve pain and congestion.
Marie Curie Isolated radium in 1910
Leonardo da Vinci Artist who used dissection to draw the human body.
Dark ages Emphasis was placed on saving the soul and study of medicine was prohibited.
Egyptians Earliest people known to maintain accurate health records.
Gabriel Fahrenhelt Created the first mercury thermometer.
Sir Alexander Fleming Discovered penicillin in 1928
Andrea Vesalius study of human through dissection.
William Harvey he realized that the blood flows. William made the discovery of Blood circulation.
Karl Land Steiner he discovered blood transfusion. He realized that not all blood are the same. Blood types ( A, B, AB, O) , and transplants
Dr. Hurace Wells & William Morton & Crawford Long They discovered anesthesia
William Roentgen discovered a ray unknown to science, and named it x for unknown and ray: x-ray. he discovered it by accident.
Ignaz Semmelweis He made the connection and bacteria, and conducted that washing your hands after birth is better and woman died less.
Louis Pasteur He conducted the pasteurization process, and germ theory : that one micro causes one disease ; rabies vaccine
Edward Jenner he created vaccination for small pox with a man made product and made small pox vaccination possible.
Jonas salk Polio vaccine
James Lind he discovered a way to prevent skurvey; vitamin c dificiency
Howard Florcey & Erns Chains They successful took out penicillin and formed the first antibiotic and perfected penicillin.
Ger hard Domagk Prontosil was what he discovered and kemopudic drugs/sulfa drugs
Sir Frederick, Grant Banting, Charles Best , John James Rickard Macleod. They were able to make a cure for diabetes and saved many people for dying insulin.
Luk Montagnier , Robert Gallo They discovered retroviruses and saved countless lives. Aids research, Hiv is a retrovirus, a virus becomes a part of us.
Sir Fedrick Gowland Hopkins vitamins, nutrition & diet
Micheal Bishop, Harold Vartus They discovered genes in chickens and then advanced to humans. The cancer causing genes is/can be in our body. Did cancer research , genetic origins of cancer.
Hippocrates The father Medicine
Robert Koch Developed the culture place method to identify pathogens.
Joseph Lister began using disinfectants and antiseptics during surgery
Gregory Mendel Establishes the patterns of hereditary
Florence Nightingale Founder of modern nursing
Romans Began public health and sanitation systems
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