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Production 4

Minimum pipe sizes recommended by fire insurance underwriters. 6 to 8 inches
How do give me this you just lives in my phone you can you throttle a hydrant? By fitting one of the nozzles with a gate valve & opening the hydrant valve fully
$$$ This type of water meter is used where daily flow is usually low, but on occasions like in an emergency, the flow has to be high. $$$ Detector-check meter
$$$ In the pump characteristic curve, three curves are used that relate_______, _________ & __________. $$$ Head to discharge, effiency to discharge and power to discharge
$$$ The distribution system should include equal emphasis on ________ & _________. $$$ Quantity and quality
$$$ What does system metering accomplish? $$$ Helps in administrating water rights, determine pump and pipe line capacity and helps in engineering design of water system improvement.
What type of pipe has a high tensil strength, is low in cost, and is good hydraulically when lined but is subject to general corrosion if installed unprotected in a corrosive environment. Steel pipe
$$$ All the power of the electric current driving the motor is used to drive the pump. However some of the current is used to over come ____ within the motor and some current is lost to the conversion of _______ to ________. $$$ Friction, electrical energy to mechanical energy
$$$ What should be inspected on an altitude valve that fills an elevated tank? $$$ Opening and closing speed to fill the tank & make sure the valve is letting enough water in to fill the tank.
$$$ What large water storage is usually equipped with an adjacent pumping system that can be used in an emergency to pump water into the distribution system? $$$ Standpipes
What type of motor has a high starting torque and a high starting current? Capacitor-start motor
Water utilities that purchase water during off peak hours will usually pay much less. The rate charge for this water is called. Off peak charge
$$$ If a pump.operates under a high suction head, what should be used? $$$ A mechanical seal
What type of actuators need sufficient Reserve capacity to provide continuous operation after a power failure? Pneumatic actuators
What type of concrete storage tank is constructed by first installing an inner concrete core wall that establishes the reservoirs form? Circular pre-stressed concrete tank
General factors to be considered for selection of pipe include service connections. What is the main factor that should be considered for service connections? Pressure
$$$ What type of transmission allows signals to pass in Only One Direction? $$$ Simplex
$$$ Double suction pumps will use impellers only of this design_______. $$$ closed design
What type of actuator will operate by a limit switch for on and off and can be fitted with controls that can be adjusted to leave the valve partially open for use in throttling? Electric actuators
$$$ Where are Air Relief valves used? $$$ The discharge side of a well pump and at the high points and transmission Pipelines
$$$ _______ demand can account for as much as ______percent of the total capacity of a storage system $$$ Fire, 50%
What type of meter should have a strainer installed ahead of the flow into it to protect it from sediment and other objects in the water? Compound strainer
If a pressure test in a particular location indicates a wide variation from night to Peak day-use, then this is happening. The system is being stressed
$$$ A high-capacity pump will need to overcome ______head that maybe many times greater than the _______. $$$ Friction, increase in flow rate
A distribution performance category would include_________. Reliability
What type of actuators would use electronic solenoid valves to operate the valves in each Direction? Hydraulic actuators
Why is the design of the suction piping so important? To allow sufficient flow and to minimize pressure losses
$$$ This type of valve provides low volume flow without the need for operating the main valve. $$$ Bypass valve
$$$ The close-fitting impeller of this type of pump prohibits any pumping of solid sediment, such as sand, fine grit and silt.$$$ Vertical turbine pump
The Coatings inside a tank must not cause _______ and must meet _______. Taste and odors, NSF International standards
How does a valve work on a toggle hydrant? Valve closes horizontally
$$$ In a Venturi meter, the difference in pressure before the constriction and at the throat can be measured, and the change in pressure is _______. $$$ Proportional to the square of the velocity
$$$ What is it called when signals are allowed to be passed in both directions simultaneously? $$$ Pulse duration modulation
$$$ What type of joint utilizes a bolted segmental clamptite mechanical coupling with the housing that encloses a U-shaped rubber gasket? $$$ Grooved joints
The fire Insurance Underwriters recommend high-value districts should have minimum pipe sizes of ______. 8 - 12 inches
$$$ What type of valve is used in the distribution system where the main is not buried very deep? $$$ Horizontal Gate valves
$$$ What type of pump generally develops very high heads and has low flow capacity? $$$ Radial flow pump
What is the starting current on the motor called? Locked rotor current
$$$ What can help a water utility avoid using large pumps? $$$ Elevated storage tanks
$$$ What are the two main elements that affect the efficient delivery of water? $$$ Water losses and energy usage
When casing is used for pipes located under a railroad or Highway, the casing pipe diameter should be _____ larger than the outside diameter of the water main Bells 2 - 8 inches
What is wire to water efficiency? Motor efficiency X Pump efficiency
This type of valve should be used so that restricted flow and increased pumping cost should not occur Air relief valve
Where extreme accuracy is required what type of level sensor can be fitted with the special adaptation that is a level transmitter called a stage recorder? Float mechanism
$$$These analog systems can be used only for long distances$$$ Pulse duration modulation in variable frequency
What type of pipe is generally easy to install, easy to ship, easy to handle and generally of low cost but it's succeptable to buckling under a vacuum? PVC pipe
How does a valve work in a standard compression hydrant? The valve closes with water pressure against the seat
There must be at least two poles in a motor but there can be more depending on how the ______ is made and how the ______ are wired and connected Stator and current carrying coils
An inside ladder would not be installed in elevated tanks that are _______. In cold climates
What type of valve produces High head loss even when fully open? Globe valve
Velocity pump will convert the velocity and pressure of the water to ______and _______ because of the _______. Low velocity, high pressure, shape of the Volute or shape of the diffuser vanes
________ head is a measurement of the ________ distance from the hydraulic grade line to the energy grade line Velocity and vertical
Polybutylene pipe
What type of pipe is easy to fabricate in special configurations, relatively easy to transport and install, is resistant to shock load, and has the ability to bend to some degree but can collapse due to partial vacuum from Rapid emptying? Steel pipe
Hydraulic modeling capabilities can compute friction head loss using the ______ Hazen Williams formula
What type of control is closed loop? Feedback control
Mechanical seals are designed so that they can be _____ balanced and have an operating life to as much as __________ Hydraulically and 20,000 hours
What type of piping material is corrosion-resistant and lightweight and has a low installation cost but has a low modulus of elasticity? Fiberglass pipe
These analog systems can only be used for short distances. Current and voltage
A valve that should not be operated frequently because it requires too much time to open and closed is a _______ Gate valve
Tanks that form ice inside should have ____________. Nothing exposed inside that can be damaged by the ice
On large Motors both the _________ are electromagnets rotor and stator
Many older plants have instrumentation that runs on pneumatic air with operating range of _______ and newer plants run with electrical transmission using either current or voltage the most common being _______. 3 - 15 psi, 4 - 20mA direct current (DC)
A double suction pumps shaft and impeller is secure together by ______. An end-suction pump's impeller is mounted on the end of the shaft and held in place by a _______ A key & a key nut
Water Supplies should try to reference their comprehensive maps to the ______ for range and section lines State coordinate system
Polybutylene pipe
This type of control is open loop. Feed-forward control
Proportional meters are ______ but are _______ however they have ________. Relatively accurate, difficult to maintain, little friction loss
What development got us away from manually starting large Motors that posed a considerable danger of shock and electrocution? Magnetic starters
What is another name for a transmitter? Transducer
Propeller meters are primarily used for the measurement of _______. Main lines
What type of valve allows for the opening and closing speeds of an actuator to be adjusted? Needle valve
What type of control reacts to an error and adjusts to correct it? Feedback control
Microbial incidents due to cross connections are most likely caused by ________. Sewage
Water distribution system operators will occasionally deal with _______. These _______ should be reference to _______. Plan and profile drawings, engineer drawings, section lines or property lines
What is a pump design called if it has the pump unit mounted on the shaft of the motor that drives the pump with the motor bearings supporting the impeller? Closed coupled
A vertical turbine pump is a type of Velocity pump
Vertical load damage to buried pipe dissipates ___ feet below the surface, and the _____ the trench, the less possibility of pipe damage from vehicle loads
List the APWA COLOR CODE. WHITE-proposed excavations; PINK-temporary survey markers; PURPLE-reclaimed water;RED-electric & lighting;YELLOW-gas,oil (petroleum); ORANGE- communication,cable; BLUE-potable water; GREEN-sewage & drainage
The casing for a tunnel under a railroad or highway is usually made of _____. Steel or concrete pipe
In cold climates, any exposed risers on multi-column tanks or generally _______ in diameter or larger to allow for freezing around the Inside Edge of the riser 6 ft
What inoculant is added to Molten iron that makes it much stronger in producing ductile iron pipe? Magnesium
The clearance between the rotating impeller wearing and the stationary case wearing is usually ________. 0.010 - 0.020 in.
What is the disadvantage of using a vertical turbine pump? High repair cost
A new development in corporation stop valves is the use of the _______ valve instead of the ______ valve. Ball and plug
What chemical used to neutralize chlorine after disinfecting a water storage tank uses the LEAST amount of weight with all other parameters being equal? Sulfur dioxide
To use cathodic protection for protecting steel and iron pipes, what two sacrificial anodes could be used? Zinc or magnesium
Before a new main is put into service, what should be completed and used as a basis for the final inspection? As-built plans
What type of hydrants have the main rod and the operating nut not sealed from water when the main valve is open? Wet top hydrants
Constant pumping rate changes would most likely occur if a utility had _______. Underground storage facilities
If a newly-installed pipe section needs flushing but there is insufficient water or the pipe is too large, it can be clean using _______. Poly pig
On thermocouples, the temperature changes between ______ cause _____ to be generated, which can be read out directly or Amplified through a ______. 2 points, voltage, transducer
When good quality material is used to backfill a trench for a new pipe up to the string line, it is best to add a second layer of the same material that is at least _____ over the top of a pipe that is 8 in in diameter and more for a larger pipe. 6 inches
What is the curing time for a pipe that is lined with epoxy resin? At least 16 hours
If a main cannot be buried deep enough to avoid Frost penetration, what works well in insulating them is ________. Closed-cell Styrofoam insulation board
Cured-in-place lining of a pipe can use a tube composed of ______. Woven polyester
Selecting machines that are too large for trench excavations will most probably cause ________. Unnecessary damage
When two or more elements are bound together to form a ______ the resulting particle is called a ________. compound; molecule
When a _______ valve is used with a vertical pump, an air release valve equipped with ______ can be used. Pump control, vacuum breaker
________ Protection Systems use an external source of _________ current that makes the structuree ______ protected with respect to some other metal in the ground Impressed current cathodic, direct, cathodic
What type of pump requires careful installation to ensure proper alignment of all shafting and impeller stages throughout its length and has the drive unit located at the surface? Deep well pump
During main construction, roads can get Dusty. What can be used to help reduce the amount of dust on a gravel road? Calcium
What chemical used to neutralize chlorine after disinfecting a water storage tank uses the MOST amount and weight with all other parameters being equal? Sodium Sulfite
What type of analog Telemetry signaling has a protocol in which the time that a signal pulse remains on varies with the value of the parameter being measured? Pulse duration modulation
With all types of ___________ is it best to used irregular drum tappers Clay's, tills, silt
What is the most expensive part of installing distribution piping? The excavation
If a new pipe installation leakage test measured on the next day is greater than the previous test day, the leak is probably in a _______. If the leakage is the same, it is probably from a _______. Pipe joint or a damaged pipe, valve or service connection
What method of disinfecting a pipe will not work if, after the pipe is installed, it needs to be flushed? Tablet method
A fail leakage test maybe due to the saturation time being too short. What should the saturation time be for a concrete pipe? 24 hours
What type of hydrants are designed to reduce the possibility of the threads becoming fouled by sediment or erosion? Drop top Barrel hydrant
What type of valve is installed in a water main without shutting the pressure off but needs special equipment to make the installation? Inserting valve
The gravel pack for a well must be clean, washed, and composed of _____ particles that are _______ times _____ than the median size of the surrounding native material. Well-rounded, four to five, larger
If shoring needs to be left in place during the back filling of a trench, it is usually cut off ______ below the surface. 2 ft
The amount of current on a buried pipe is _________ to the electrical resistivity of the soil. Inversely proportional
After a pipeline section has passed the bacteriological test, it should be flushed to remove the high concentration of chlorine. How many pipe volumes for this particular section should be used to flush the pipe adequately? 2 to 3 pipe volumes
If a freshly clean pipe is to be epoxy lined, the temperature of the pipe must be above _______. 38°F (3.3°C)
When operators observed vibrations or overheating of a bearing or ______, they should inspect the pumps _______ and _______ immediately. Coupling, shaft coupling, packing
How should stringing a pipe at the job site be done? Keep pipe ends covered to prevent contamination
What operational practice could adversely affect distribution system water quality performance? External corrosion control
Why do the 5 haloacetic acids (HAA5) degrade over time in the distribution system? Because microorganisms biodegrade them
When using the slug method to disinfect a new pipeline, if the pH goes above ____, virtually all the chlorine residual is present as hypochlorite ion, which is much less effective than hypochlorous acid 10
Utilities that used for means as ______ disinfectant it established _____ and have response plans to control night refraction Secondary, action levels
If bacterial regrowth and disinfectant byproducts are persistent in the distribution system, what is the recommended solution? Source water treatment
A mole of a substance is defined as the number of grams of that substance for which the number equals the substance's _______ Molecular weight
The radio nuclide in drinking water most responsible for the annual dose received by the average person is ________. Radon
What national secondary drinking water regulation contaminant is associated with corrosion, hardness, scale, and taste? TDS
What is to be used to classify surface water sources into one of four US EPA Defined risk levels call bins in the long-term surface water treatment rule? Cryptosporidium
What is the most important factor in determining which atoms will combine with other atoms? Valence electrons
$$$ the major source of organic chemicals in drinking water is from ______. Breakdown of naturally occurring organic chemicals
In a pipe repair using the slug method, the chlorine concentration of 300 mg per liter can have a contact time as short as ______. 15 mins.
If a new main floods during a storm, it should be flushed out and chlorinated with water containing _______, which should remain for ______. 25 m/L, 24 hours
When using the tablet method to disinfect a pipeline, if the temperature of the water is less than ______, the water must be held in contact with the pipe for at least ______. 41°F (5°C); 48 hrs
If a pipeline has passed all the bacteriological tests and one pipe needs to be installed to make the final connection to the working distribution system, this last pipe can be disinfected with a ______ chlorine solution just before installation 1% to 5%
The SI unit commonly used to express and compare the biological effects of radiation from different sources is the ______, where one _____ equals to ______ rem Sievert, sievert, 100
After a main pipe line has been repaired, bacteriological samples must be collected _________, and if a positive total coliform test is obtained, additional samples must be collected until ______ negative results are obtained. Before and after the repair site, two consecutive
Some utilities have employed booster disinfection in remote areas of the distribution system. What does this cause? Provides more uniform disinfection at a lower level.
When disinfecting a storage facility using the full storage chlorination method, the chlorinated water should be retained for at least ______, when the continuous feed is used from a gas chlorinator or chemical feed pump 6 hours
When an acid and a base are mixed, the process is called _______. Neutralization
What disinfection byproducts degrades over time due to bacterial action? HAA5
In the slug method of disinfecting a new pipeline, if at any point the sampling result indicates a chlorine residual of less than _____, stop the procedure and add chlorine to the slug area to restore free chlorine residual to at least ____. 50 mg/L, 100mg/L
Which of the following is a chemical warfare agent? Tabun
What is lacking if a supervisor micromanagers his or her employees? Teamwork
Materials used for potable water pipes, such as ceiling materials, gaskets, and lubricants, should be certified according to ______. ANSI/NSF Standard 61
_______ are usually either Timbers or _____. Trench braces, adjustable trench jacks
Who is ultimately responsible for ensuring employees are trained and advised of relevant situations? The supervisor of that employee
An Industrial chemical poison would be _______ Sodium fluoroacetate
Permanent and conspicuous warning signs should be installed for panels carrying more than ______. 600V
Collapsible Shoring assemblies are ______ panels of _______ or _______ that are available in various panel sizes Lightweight, Steel, aluminum
One of the most important aspects of a supervisor's job is ________. Planning
Temporary pipelines used during an extended water outage also need to be chlorinated according to ___________. ANSI/AWWA Standard C651
How are distribution pump operations controlled? System pressure
The dry Barrel hydrant should be completely open when in use to ________. To ensure the drain valve is completely closed
Double check valve should be installed in areas that _______ as the _______ can form a cross connection if submerged Do not flood, test cock
Why should a water meter be placed as close to the property line as possible? To prevent an illegal connection
What restricts the flow between the impeller discharge and suction areas in a centrifugal pump to prevent excessive water circulation between the two? Wear rings
On a pump curve, what is plotted on the horizontal line and the vertical line? Horizontal: capacity; vertical: head, power and efficiency
What utility line will most likely not be moved for a water utility installing a new water main? Sewer
A velocity type flow meter would be _______. Magnetic
The _______ Standard ________ covers materials that come in contact with potable water and other issues ANSI/NFS, 61
The first type of cleaning pig to be sent through a main is called a ______. Bare pigs
All Motors fitted with ball bearings, roller bearings, or both, the bearing housings or fitted with ______ to keep the grease in and dirt out. Glands
The measurement device most commonly used for measuring large quantities of water are ______ flow meters Differential pressure
What is the location of a Lantern ring on a pump? Stuffing box
Venturi meters are accurate for _____, have ______ friction loss, require _______ and have long been used for measuring flows in _______. A certain range of flows, low, low maintenance, large Pipelines
Why are bypass valves often included within large gate valves? To equalize the pressure on the two sides of the gates
What external cooling is usually used to protect ductile iron pipe? Bituminous
What valve, if closed too fast, will cause serious water hammer compared to the others listed? Butterfly valve
What is an operator primary defense against backflow from cross connections? Maintaining adequate system pressure
What can reduce friction between the packing rings and the pump shaft? Graphite
If a meter is oversized, what could occur? The meter will under register or not register anything at low flows
Vertical load damage to buried pipe dissipates ___ feet below the surface, and the _____ the trench, the less possibility of pipe damage from vehicle loads 17.5
How can water operators control water age in the distribution system? Operate storage facilities to enhance mixing
Large water mains that surround and contribute water supply within the grid from several different directions would be a __________. Arterial loop system
Overtime ________ can cause damage to the pipeline and Equipment because they occurred so frequently Surges
What is a pump design called if it has the impeller mounted on a separate shaft which is connected to the motor with a coupling? Frame mounted
Under this allocation of groundwater this rule requires sharing Correlative rights
Metals that get into the distribution system due to a cross contamination will cause _______, _________, & ________. Nervous system damage, liver damage & vomiting
Usually steel pipe is used for ________. Long distance transmission mains
A confined aquifer is a ______ of rock that is ________ that is relatively _______. Permeable layer, confined by upper and lower layers, impermeable
How are metal Parts on concrete pipe protected from corrosion? Mortar
The pipeline Network design should strive to eliminate or at least reduce the number of ________. Dead ends
Sampling for this particular site could be continuous, daily, or on a weekly basis Storage tank
What type material when new has a c value of 150? Polyvinyl chloride
How often should the anodes be inspected in a cathartic protected water storage tank? Annually
Surface water will most probably _______. Be repumped to boost water pressure after treatment
The DPD method or the AMPEROMETRIC method are used for this To determine chlorine concentrations
PVC, concrete pressure, lined ductile iron
What protects the pump shaft? The pump shaft sleeve
What does the lantern ring do? Cool and lubricates the packing and shaft
Why are gate valves used in the Distribution system? To isolate sections for repair
The ______ can get soil worked up from the bottom, and the _______ can probably bring the curb stop and _______ up with it if the box is pulled from the ground, for example by a backhoe Arch-pattern base, Minneapolis-style curb stops and boxes, service line
Large pumps should be started with the discharge valve _______ if a foot valve does not exist and no head is on the suction side of the pump it should be prime by using a ________ Closed, vacuum pump or ejector operated with steam, air or water
Under wet trench Construction water entering the pipe as it is installed cannot be helped in some circumstances this water should be treated with chlorine granules or tablets so the water has a chlorine residual of ______. 25 mg/L
Type of mechanical pipe cleaning unit has high carbon spring steel blades? Metal scrapers
What will the loss of pressure in a water system possibly cause besides compromising firefighting capabilities? Bacterial contamination
_________ valves are most often used for pressure is relatively high and positive shut-off is required such as discharge of a high lift pump Large Plug valves
It is best to have a ______ to prevent the collapse of a pipe when it is being empty Air and vacuum relief valve
___________ have a major impact on the reliability of the distribution system to deliver an uninterrupted Supply Line break frequencies, breakdown of distribution pumps, & power outages
What backflow prevention device is, at a minimum, required at the potable meter for domestic water booster pumps? Double Check valve
It is best to use ________ to determine the hydraulic grade line Pressure gauges
Where would be the best place for hydrants to be located? Near Street intersections
The most common meter register of the flow are in ________ Cubic feet or gallons
What should an operator inspect first if a reduced pressure Zone backflow preventer leaks at the vent? Inspect the first check valve
Why should gaskets for piping not be stored next to electrical motors? Excessive heat can ruin them, oil from the motor can damage them, grease from the motor can damage them
Water sources regarding cross connections can fall under the supervision of _________. A primary agency
It has been documented that ______ can pass through the walls of plastic pipe even though the pipe is carrying water under pressure. This process by which molecules pass through the plastic pipe is called ________. Organic compounds, permeation
The potential Hazard for this cross connection system is high. Boilers
What will high water pressure cause? Main and service leaks, hot water tank failures, Appliance failures
What agency or regulation determines the frequency of testing and maintenance for a double check valve assembly? State and local codes
Large Motors usually operated at ______. 400/420 V (420/440 for small motors)
Lowest minimum pressure in Distribution Systems of _____ is a standard in many states and water system guidelines 20 psi
Most backflow incidents that cause health problems involved _______. Gastrointestinal problems
What type of valve should be used when the pressure to be regulated is relatively low and a tight shut off is not important?
What is the power on the incoming leads for a three-phase motor? Three leads are used which all have power
Throttling a pump against the gate valve should be avoided because it will______. Damage the gate valve, reduce the efficiency of the pump and thus increased cost
Throttling the discharge valve to approximate system flow should be done when ________. Elevated storage is not available
What type of backflow prevention device is not recommended as protection in situations in which a health hazard may result from failure? Double check valve
One person should be able to operate a hydrant using a _______ hydrant wrench and if a longer one is needed the hydrant should be _______. 15 inch, repaired or replaced
What type of pipe if the water is emptied rapidly has the potential to collapse? Steel
Water storage tanks should be clean and expected at least every __________. 3 - 5 years
_______ is a measure of the ability of the material to bend without breaking Flexural strength
What is used on the discharge side of a pump, starting next to the pump and going out? A check valve then a gate valve
One advantage of using mechanical seals, if operating properly is they ________. Do not wear or damage shaft sleeves
A pressure relief valve is essentially just a _______ with an adjustable _______ to maintain pressure on the valve seat to keep the valve closed under normal pressure conditions. Globe valve, spring
This type of pump uses closely meshed gears, vanes and lobes.
After a new pipe has been laid in a trench, it should be first __________ Partially backfilled
When testing positive displacement meters for accuracy how many different flows or usually used? Three
Water quality design considerations for storage facilities must conform to the latest _______ and _______ standards Awwa and National Science Foundation (NSF)
Turbine meters have ______ but water must be moving at sufficient speed before the ______ will start to rotate. Low-friction; rotor
What type of pump has a relatively low initial cause but needs periodic checks to monitor impeller packing or mechanical seal conditions? Centrifugal pump
What type of pump is a multi-stage mixed flow centrifugal pump or turbine pump with an intregral or closed connected motor? Submersible pump
In freezing climates all hydrants should be inspected in the ______. Autumn
What is a serious disadvantage of using barometric Loops? Too high a space requirement
A distribution main is defined as any pipe in the distribution system _______. Other than a service line
In general fire flow when delivered to a fire department pumper has a specified residual pressure of _______ 20 psi
Fire protection for a community is based on the size of the __________. Mains, storage facilities and pumping facilities
Ductile iron pipe resembles what other type of pipe? Cast iron pipe
When disinfecting a pipe, the chlorine solution is usually injected through a _________ at the point where the new main connects to the existing main Corporation stop
When disinfecting storage facilities using the chlorinate and fill method, how long should the chlorinated water stay in contact with the storage facility before filling it all the way? 6 hours
When using a trench box trench width should be ______ greater than the outside diameter of the pipe 1 - 2 feet
If a hydrant is taken out of service for repairs, who must be notified? The local fire department
What are the two principal types of rotary valves? Plug & ball
If a water systems unaccounted for water loss exceeds _________, a system-wide leak survey should be conducted 15%
A _______ seat ring is a ________ ring mounted in the body of a ________ against which the moving discs of the valve closes. Bronze, machined, hydrant or valve
The operating nut on top of a hydrant is _______ - sided five
Flushing a newly install pipe is done to _____________ $$Remove the high concentration of chlorine used for disinfection, remove mud or soil and other the debris, remove entrained air$$
$$If the _______ is unchanged but the _______ is decreasing it usually indicates that the _______.$$ $$ Static level, drawdown, pump is losing efficiency $$
$$ Most Water Systems use fire hydrants that have two _____ nozzles and one ______ nozzle in which the larger nozzle is used to connect the __________. $$ $$ 2.5 inch, 4.5 inch, pumper suction hose $$
How do operators contain the pressurized water in a wet tap? Flapper valve
$$ The most important part that back fill serves is to _________.$$ Distribute surface loads
What type of hydrants have the main valve controlling flow to all the outlet nozzles and there is no drain mechanism? Warm climate hydrants
The transmission of sounds is best in _______ and _______ whereas they are worst in _______ and __________. Copper, steel, asbestos cement, & concrete
What type of soil transmits the best sounds? Sandy
The most common means of disinfecting water mains is the use of _______. Calcium hypochlorite
The most corrosive characteristics and conditions affect the _______ of a soil. Electrical resistivity
This type of valve reduces the differential pressure across the closed disc and makes the main valve easier to open and close Bypass valve
What method of dechlorination has the disadvantages of possibly overdosing, underdosing, and being hard to tell when the chemical has been depleted? Flow-through systems
This type of pump generates High Velocity water and has relatively low cost and maintenance Centrifugal jet pump
The primary factor affecting power requirements for pumps is ________. Pipe friction losses
This type of pipe is no longer installed in the United States Grey cast iron pipe
What type of hydrants have no main valve? Wet Barrel hydrants
The easiest leak to detect with an electronic amplifier is _______. A small leak
Currently what types of plastic is generally used for water services?
Polyvinyl chloride & polyethylene
Rotary pump
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