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CLS 107

Week 1 Exam

Hemolytic The destruction of red blood cells
Malignant High Blood Pressure serve and sudden onset
Stress Test Cardiac test using a treadmill or stationary bike
Holter Small portable cardiac monitor worn for 24 hours
Cardiac Cycle P , Q , R , S , T
Unipolor Chest precordial lead
How many electrodes are needed to perform a 12 lead ECG? 10
Lead II Right arm and Left leg
Pacemaker of the heart SA Node
Small horizontal block on a ECG paper? 0.04 seconds
Ground Lead Right leg
V1 4th innercostal space at the right margin of the sternum
Ventricular tachycardia ventricals beat fast
A pacemaker batter stays charged for up to? 20 years
Treatment for valvular disease Medication, Surgical valve replacement, and Prophylactic antibotics before dental work
ECG is a graphic record of the electrical current going through the heart? Yes
Is rheumatic heart disease a congenital valvular disease? NO
Anemia Defincy in hemoglobin and red blood cells
Occlussion of a blood vessel in the brain could result in ischemia, cerebrovascular accident or stroke? Yes
If your on a unstaturated diet are you at risk for coronary artery disease? NO
Artifact is a electrical interface yes
is ventricular fibrillation a medical emergency? Yes
Tidal Volume Amount of air inhaled and exhaled
Wheeze High pitched musical sound indicating partial airway obstruction
COPD irreversable condition with diminishing respiratory
Treatment for bronchitis Bedrest, increase fluid, cough supprestant, and smoke cessation
Laryngectomy cause a patient to be unable to? Speak
Symptom of tuberculosis Night Sweats
Stridor Breathing indicating larynx obstruction
Apnea no resprirations
Effect of cigarette smoking blacken lungs, tissue damage, increase production of mucus, and sealed alveolar sacs
Asthma attack triggars are? cigarettes, stress, excersise, cold, and upper respiratory infection
Peak flowmeter Measures the amount of air moving in and out of the lungs of an asthma patient
Sputum specimen should be collected in the morning? Yes
Does tge smooth muscle constrict when irration occurs to prevent entry of any foreign substance? Yes
Most common cause of death in men and women? Lung Cancer
Bronchitis can progress into what? Pneumonia
Pulse oximetry Measures oxygen satuartion capullary blood
Nebulizer Turns liquid medication into vapors
Auscultation Stethoscope is needed
Pericarditis Inflammation of the outside sac of the heart
Somatic artifacts Can not control patient movement
Cardiac arrhythmia Abnormal Heart rythm
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