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ACO accountable care organization
ACA/PPACA affordable care act/ patient protection and affordable care act
COINS coinsurance
COB coordination of benefits
OOP out of pocket
PCP primary care physician
SBC standardized benefits and coverage rules
FFS fee for service
FSA flexible spending account
PAR participating provider
nonPAR non participating provider
PRA premium reimbursement arrangement
RBRVS resource based relative value scale
SSDI social security disability insurance
UCR usual, customary, reasonable
COBRA Consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act
HRA health reimbursement arrangement/ account OR personal care account
HSA/ MSA Health savings account/ medical savings account
SSA Social Security Administration
ADLs activities of daily living
FICA Federal insurance contributions act
CMS center for Medicare and Medicaid services
NCQA national committee for quality assurance
PPS prospective payment system
DRG diagnosis- related groups
HHS dept. of Health and Human Services
NUCC national uniform claim committee
EPO exclusive provider organization
HMO health maintenance organization
POS point of service
PPO preferred provider organization
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