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Health Test 2017

Health chapter 2 Modified Test Revision 2017

Macronutrient nutrients that are needed in relatively large amounts
examples of macronutrients water, fats, protein and carbohydrates (including fibre)
Micronutrient nutrients that are needed in elatively small amounts
Examples of micronutrients vitamins and minerals
Glycaemic index a figure representing the relative ability of a carbohydrate food to increase the level of glucose in blood
Glycemic load (GL) how much it will rise someone’s BGL after eating it
Blood glucose level (BGL) how much glucose is in someone’s blood
Serve Size how much food you eat in one serve
Portion size how much you actually eat
Obese when your BMI is over 30
Pre-obese when your BMI is between 25-30
What Bad fats do lower your good cholesterol and raise your bad cholesterol
What good fats do take longer to digest keeping you full longer
Example of good fat unsturated fats
Trustworthy sites for eating healthy eatforhealth.gov.au and health.gov.au
Key messages in the Australian dietary Guidlines eat a variety of healthy foods and do exersize
Difference between Australian and South Korean dietary Guidlines south Korea dietary Guidlines is a bike with pie charts as wheels
What variety means to me having lots of different options
What balance means to me having the same amount of everything
What moderation means to me when you need to stop yourself from doing something
Causes of death because of dietary choices obecity, high blood pressure, alcohol, smoking, and child maltuition
Needed KJ’s per day to lose weight 8700kj per day
Amount of (tons) of food that end up in Australian land fill each year 1.3 Tons
Why manufactured foods are bad for the enviroment the process of production is unnatural
Strategies advertises use to persuade you to buy thire food saying it’s cheap, healthy, and showing the food looks good
Why it’s importent to rely on nutritional Infomation panels, not what the product says the packages may lie
Stratagies the government could use to lower the levels of obesity educate the children on obesity
Yo-yo dieting Losing weight then putting it back on continuously
How you know if your hydrated enough your urine will be clear
How you know if your not hydrated enough your urine will be Yellow
A commonly used weight loss diet skip breakfast and have A protein shake
The influence on food choice on little kids child see junk food ad, child want junk food and think it’s good for you
Examples of macronutrients glucose, protein, and sugars
Foods sugar is in healthy=ketchup Unhealthy=cakes
Foods protein is in healthy=cottage cheese Unhealthy=bacon
Foods glucose is in healthy=grapes Unhealthy=jelly beans
Food with amylose in it healthy=potatoes Unhealthy=pretzels
What amylose is a main ingredient in Starch
Created by: Jalfo03