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Personal Fitness

Foundations of Physical Activity

Many people believe physical fitness is a ______________________. Trend
True/False- Body weight can be misleading. True
Physical fitness is best described as being? Able to carry out tasks without fatigue This is a correct answer
True/False- Smoking,high blood pressure, inactivity, and stress are health factors that can be controlled. True
True/False-Arguing can effect peoples’ minds as well as their bodies best describes stress as a health risk factor True
The health-related components of physical fitness are most associated with are ________________________. How well the systems of your body operate.
True/False-Body image means the way you see yourself. True
Which physical activity can not be used to test cardiovascular fitness? 100 yard dash
Body composition is best described as the____________________ Ratio of fat to muscle, bone, and other tissues. This is a correct answer
Which item would test body composition? (name 3) Electrical impedance, skinfold measurements, and underwater weighing
The integration of eye, hand, and foot movements is called: Coordination
True/False-Realistic goals keep you excited about self-improvement. True
Taking control of your health and fitness means: Learning how to set appropriate goals.
In setting goals, you should consider : (name 3) Development of a physical fitness game plan, obstacles in your path, and the use of time lines.
Which is the most important factor in setting goals? Having the desire to improve yourself.
Accepting responsibility for your decisions is a sign of: Gaining a sense of personal independence.
Making your plan with a solid belief in yourself, helps you: (name 3) Be determined and take control of your lifestyle, pay no attention to anyone who doesn’t support you, and stay on track with your program.
Evaluating your present physical level prior to beginning an exercise program: Will help you set realistic goals and see progress. This is a correct answer
Goals for your physical fitness program should be: Very specific and realistic.
What should you wear when exercising in hot weather? Wear light-weight, light colored clothing.
What are some symptoms of heatstroke? Hot, dry skin, no sweat, unsteady walking.
What should you wear while exercising in cold weather? Dress in layers.
The benefits of warming up are: (name 3) Generates heat in the muscles and joint tissues, helps to make you feel like moving vigorously, and increases the blood supply to your muscles.
Which body type is characterized by a large, soft, bulging body and a pear-shaped appearance? Endomorph
Which body type is characterized by a sold, muscular, large-boned physique? Mesomorph
The part of the body made up of muscle, bones, ligaments, and tendons is called: Lean body mass
Height and weight charts can be misleading because: They don't tell you how much your weight is lean body mass.
Which health hazard is related to excessive body fat? Heart disease, high blood pressure, and surgical risk.
People who develop extra fat cells early in life will: Have more difficulty with weight control.
The most effective way of achieving permanent weight loss is by: Increasing calories burned and reducing calories consumed.
A person eats too much food, then gets rid of it by vomiting, or exercising a lot is called: Bulimia
Stress can be caused By any change
True/False-Negative stress (distress) could interfere with your school work. True
True/False-Positive stress could help you resist fatigue and boredom. True
A good stress management program should consider: (name 3) Challenging activities, diet, and relaxation techniques.
Which coping technique can be habit forming and cause physical and mental problems? Use of drugs and alcohol.
Created by: Gina.Hoffman