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Health Exam


Explain The Process To Follow In A First Aid Situation Check for any danger, see if the person's conscience, call emergency services, clear their airways, check for breathing, give them 30 chest compression, 2 breathes (5 cycles in 2 mins), attach defibrillation and follow prompts.
What Does DRSABCD Stand For? Danger, respond, send for help, airways, breathing, CPR, defibrilliation
What Do You Need To Consider When Wearing Sun Safety Clothes? The clothing needs to be lightweight, loose, light-coloured. Protect yourself with long sleeve tops, long pants, hat & sunglasses.
List 2 Safety Rules Around Water Check where it's safe to swim & never swim alone.
List 2 Things You Can Do To Be Safe In Public Be alert, travel with others.
What Are The Different Types Of Communicators Assistants, reinforces, outsiders, defenders
What Are Nutrients That We Need For Our Body Carbohydrates (source of fuel), Dairy(, Fruits & Vegetables(), Fats & Sugars, Protein(Used to build cells in our body)
What Are The 5 Food Groups Grains, meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy
What Is A Balanced Diet? A balanced diet is getting the right amount of food and water and getting all the nutrient you need (like carbohydrates). If you exercise it will be even better for you.
Explain energy intake and energy expenditure. Energy intake is the amount of energy you receive through food and water. Energy expenditure is the amount of energy you use. There are 3 parts to energy expenditure. These are: BMR, physical activities and energy used to digest the food you eat.
What Are 3 Sources Of Fuel For Your Body? Protein, Carbohydrates & Saturated Fats
What Are 2 Factors That Influence Your Eating Habits Taste & Cravings
What Are 3 Qualities Of A Good Friend? Trust, dependability & honesty
Created by: Jolene s