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Lymphatic System

Questions about the Lymphatic System

Describe the components of the lymphatic system lymphatic vessels, nodes, lymph fluid, glands, thymus and spleen
Explain the functions of the lymphatic system transport lymph, defense against invading microorganisms and disease, absorption of fats and fat soluble vitamins, return excess interstitial fluid to the blood
Describe the passage of lymph with the body. lymph travels in one direction, upward movement dependent on the motions of the muscle and joint pumps
How is the lymphatic system affected by age? It decreases with age.
What happens within the lymphatic system if the spleen needs to be removed? the body is equipped to take over the functions of the spleen with the liver and lymphatic system with a slight increase in infection problems
What precautions need to be taken if a patient has no spleen? They should take prophylactic antibiotics
In the case of breast cancer why would the tumor as well as possibly some of the lymph nodes need to be removed? Because some breast cancers spread to the lymph nodes.
Explain the term metastasis this means spread of cancer cells from the original site to other pars of the body.
What are the possible causes of edema abnormal interstitial fluid accumulation. possible causes: infection, venous obstruction, lymphatic obstruction, localtrama or injury, congenital causes and or miscellaneous causes
Created by: phyllisH