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Mock Trial Vocabulary

judge an officer appointed to hear and decide matters related to law
bailiff a court attendant entrusted with duties
stenographer a person skilled in the use of shorthand whose job it is to record things said in a case
defense lawyer represents the one accused of committing a crime
defendant accused of commiting a crime
jury citizens who hear the testimony in legal disputes
prosecuting lawyers bring criminal charges against those accused of crimes
jurors members of the jury
witness person who has seen facts to help ensure outcome of the trial
policeman of scene responsible for integrity of the crime scene
chairperson of jury person to see the proper running of the jury
overruled to rule against
objection a reason offered in disagreement
sustain to carry on
DWI offense committed by a person which drives a car under the influence of alcohol
BAC amount of alcohol in the blood used to tell whether a person is legally intoxicated
Created by: AnneD