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Medical terminology

ME1160 study

a- no, not, without, lack of, apart
ab- away from
ad- toward, near
ambi- both, both sides, around, about
an- no, not, without, lack of
ana- up, apart, backward, again, anew
ant- against
ante- before, forward
anti- against
apo- seperation
astro- star-shaped
auto- self
bi- two, double
bin- twice, two
brachy- short
brady- slow
cac- bad
centi- one hundred, one hundredth
chromo- color
circum- around
con- with, together
contra- against, opposite
de- down, away from
deca- ten
di- two, double
dia-, di(a)- through, between, complete
dif- apart, free from, separate
di(s)- two, apart
dis- apart
dys- bad, difficult, painful, abnormal
ec- out, outside, outer
ecto- out, outside, outer
em- in
en- in, within
end- within, inner
endo- within, inner
ep- upon, over, above
epi- upon, over, above
eso- inward
eu- good, normal
ex- out, away from
exo- out, away from
extra- outside, beyond
hemi- half
heter- different
hetero- different
homeo- similar, same, likeness, constant
homo- similar, same
hydr- water
hyp- below, deficient
hyper- above, beyond, excessive
hypo- below, under, deficient
in- in, into, not
infer- below
inter- between
intra- within
ir- in
mal- bad
mega- large, great
meso- middle
meta- beyond, over, between, change
micro- small
milli- one-thousandth
mon(o)- one
mono- one
multi- many, much
neo- new
nulli- none
olig- little, scanty
oligo- little, scanty
pan- all
par- around, beside
para- beside, alongside, abnormal
per- through
peri- around
poly- many, much, excessive
post- after, behind
pre- before, in front of
primi- first
pro- bfore, in front of
proto- first
pseudo- false
pyro- fire
quadri- four
re- back, backward, again
retro- backward
semi- half
sub- below, under, beneath
super- upper, above
supra- above, beyond, superior
sym- together, with
syn- together, with
tachy- rapid, fast
trans- across
tri- three
ultra- beyond
un- back, reversal, not, annulment
uni- one
abdomin abdomen
abort, abort/o to miscarry
absorpt, absorpt/o to suck in
acanth thorn
acetabul, acetabul/o acetabulum, hip socket
acid, acid/o acid
acoust hearing
acr, acr/o extremity, point
act, act/o acting, act
actin ray
acute sharp
aden, aden/o gland
adhes stuck to
adip, adip/o fat
adren, adren/o adrenal gland
agglutinat clumping
agglutin/o clumping
agon, agon/o agony
agor/a marketplace
albin, albin/o white
albumin, albumin/o protein
aliment, aliment/o nourishment
all, all/o other
alveol, alveol/o small, hollow air sac
ambly, ambly/o dull
ambul to walk
amni/o amniotic fluid
ampere ampere
amputat, amputat/o to cut through
amyl, amyl/o starch
an/o anus
anabol, anabol/o building up
anastom opening
andr, andr/o man
angi, angi/o vessel
angin, angin/o to choke
anis/o unequal
ankyl, ankyl/o stiffening, crooked
anter, anter/o toward the front
anthrac, anthrac/o coal
aort, aort/o aorta
append, append/o appendix
appendic, appendic/o appendix
arachn spider
arche beginning
arous alertness, to rise
arteri, arteri/o artery
arthr, arthr/o joint, to articulate
aspirat, aspirat/o to draw in
atel, atel/o imperfect
ather, ather/o fatty substance, porridge
atri, atri/o atrium
audi/o to hear
auditor hearing
aur, aur/i ear
auscultat, auscultat/o listen to
aut self
axill armpit
bacteri/o bacteria
balan, balan/o glans penis
bartholin Bartholin glands
bas/o base
bi/o life
bil, bil/i bile
blast/o germ cell
belphar, belphar/o eyelid
brach/i, brachi/o arm
bronch, bronch/o bronchus
bronchiol, bronchiol/o bronchiole
bucc, bucc/o cheek
burs, burs/o pouch
calc, calc/i, calc/o lime, calcium
calcan/e heel bone
cancer, cancer/o crab, cancer
capn smoke
capsul, capsul/o little box
carcin, carcin/o cancer
cardi, cardi/o heart
carp, carp/o wrist, carpus
cartil gristle
cartilagin/o cartilage
castr to prune
catabol, catabol/o casting down
caud, caud/o tail
caus, caus/o burn, burning
cavit cavity
celi, celi/o abdomen, belly
cellul, cellul/o little cell
centr, centr/i, centr/o center
centrat center
cephal, cephal/o head
cept receive
cerebell, cerebell/o little brain
cerebr/o cerebrum
cervic, cervic/o cervix, neck
cheil, cheil/o lip
chem/o chemical
chir/o hand
chlor/o green
chol, chole, chol/e gall, bile
choledoch/o common bile duct
chondr, chondr/o cartilage
chord cord
chori/o chorion
choroid, choroid/o choroid
chromat, chromat/o color
chrom/o color
chym juice
cine motion
cinemat/o motion
circulat, circulat/o circular
cirrh, cirrh/o orange-yellow
cis, cis/o to cut
claudicate, claudicate/o to limp
clavicul, clavicul/o clavicle, collar bone
cleid/o clavicle
clon/o turmoil
coagul, coagul/o to clot
coagulat to clot
coccyg/e, coccyg/o coccyx, tailbone
cochle/o land snail
coit, coit/o coming together
col, col/o colon
coll/a glue
collis neck
colon, colon/o colon
colp/o vagina
comat a deep sleep
compensat to make good
compuls/o compel, drive
coni/o dust
concuss shaken violently
condyle knuckle
conjunctiv, conjuctiv/o conjunctiva, to join together
connect to bind together
consci aware
constipat to press together
continence to hold
cor, cor/o pupil
cord/o cord
coriat corium
corne, corne/o cornea
corpor, corpore/o, corpor/o body
cortic, cortic/o cortex
cortis cortex
cost, cost/o rib
coxa hip
crani, cran/i, crani/o skull
creat flesh
creatin flesh, creatine
crine, crin/o to secrete
crur leg
cry/o cold
crypt, crypt/o hidden
cubit to lie
cubit/o elbow
culd/o cul-de-sac
curie curie
cutane, cutane/o skin
cyan, cyan/o dark blue
cycl, cycl/o ciliary body of eye, circle, cycle
cyst, cyst/o bladder, sac
cyt, cyt/o cell
dacry, dacry/o tear, lacrimal duct, tear duct
cyth cell
dactyl, dactyl/o
defecat to remove dregs
delus, delus/o to cheat
dem people
dendr/o tree
dent, dent/i, dent/o tooth
derm, derm/a, derm/o skin
dermat, dermat/o skin
dextr/o to the right
didym, didym/o testis
digit, digit/o finger or toe
dilat, dilat/o to widen
dipl/o double
disk, disk/o disk
dist, dist/o away from the point of origin
diverticul, diverticul/o diverticula
dors, dors/i, dors/o backward
duct, duct/o to lead
duoden, duoden/o duodenum
dur, dur/o dura, hard
dwarf small
dynam, dynam/o power
ech/o echo, reflected sound
ectop displaced
eg/o I, self
ejaculat, ejaculat/o to throw out
electr/o electricity
embol, embol/o to cast, to throw
eme to vomit
emulsificat disintegrate
encephala, encephala/o brain
enchyma to pour
enter/o intestines (usually small intestine)
enucleat to remove the kernel of
eosin/o rose colored
episi/o vulva, pudenda
erget work
erg/o work
eructat breaking out
erysi red
erythr red
esophag, esophagi/o esophagus
ethesi/o feeling, sensation
esthet feeling, sensation
estr/o female
eti/o cause
excret/o, excretor sifted out
fasc band (fascia)
fasci/o band (fascia)
febr fever
femor, femor/o femur, thigh bone
fenestrat window
fibr, fibr/o fibrous tissue, fiber
fibrillat fibrils (small fibers)
fibrin/o fiber
fibul,fibul/o fibula
filtrate, filtrate/o to strain through
fixat, fixat/o fastened
flex to bend
fluor/o fluorescence, luminous
foc, foc/o focus
follicul, follicul/o little bag
format shaping
fungat mushroom, fungus
furc fork
fus, fus/o to pour
ganglion knot
gastr, gastr/o stomach
gen, gene, genet formation, produce
gen/o kind
genital belonging to birth
ger, ger/o old age
gester to bear
gigant, gigant/o giant
gingiv, gingiv/o gums
glandul little acorn
gli, gli/o glue
glob, globul/o globule, globe
globin globule
glomerul, glomerul/o glomerulus, little ball
gloss/o tongue
gluc/o sweet, sugar
glyc, glyc/o, glycos, glycos/o glucose, sugar, sweet
gnost knowledge
gonad, gonad/o seed
gon/o genitals
goni/o angle
grand/i great
granul/o little grain, granular
gravida, gravidar pregnancy
gryp curve
gurgitat to flood
gynec/o female
halat, halat/o breathe
halit/o breath
hallucinat to wander in mind
hallux great (big) toe
hem, hem/o blood
hemat, hemat/o, hemorrh, hemorrh/o vein liable to bleed
hepat, hepat/o liver
herni/o hernia
hidr, hidr/o sweat
hirsute, hirsute/o hairy
hist/o tissue
hol/o whole
horizont horizon
humer, humer/o humerus
hydr, hydr/o water
hymen hymen
hypn, hypn/o sleep
hyster, hyster/o womb, uterus
iatr treatment
icter, icter/o jaundice
ile, ile/o ileum
ili, ili/o ilium
illus foot
immune/o safe, immunity
infarct, infarct/o infarct ( necrosis of an area)
infect to infect
infer, infer/o below
inguin, inguin/o groin
insul, insulin/o insulin
integument, integument/o covering
intern within
irid, irid/o iris
isch, isch/o to hold back
is/o equal
ischi ischium
jaund yellow
kal, kal/i potassium
kary/o cells nucleus
kel, kel/o tumor
kerat, kerat/o horn, cornea
keton, keton/o ketone
kil/o one thousand
kinet motion
kyph, kyph/o hump
labi, labi/o lip
labyrinth, labyrinth/o maze
lacrim, lacrim/o tear, lacrimal duct, tear duct
lamin, lamin/o lamina, thin plate
lamp(s) to shine
lapar/o abdomen
laryng, laryng/o larynx, voice box
later, later/o side
laxat to loosen
lei/o smooth
lent, lent/o lens
lept seizure
letharg drowsiness
leuk, leuk/o white
levat lifter
lingu, lingu/o tongue
lip, lip/o fat
lipid, lipid/o fat
lith, lith/o stone
lob, lob/o lobe
lobul small lobe
locat to place
log study
log/o word
lopec fox mange
lord, lord/o bending, curve, swayback
lumb, lumb/o loin, lower back
lump lump
lun, lun/o moon
lymph, lymph/o lymph, clear fluid
macr/o large
malign, malign/o bad kind
mamm/o breast
man/o thin
mandibul, mandibul/o lower jawbone
mast, mast/o mastoid process, breast shaped, breast
masticat to chew
mat to ripen
maxill, maxill/o upper jawbone
maxilla jaw
maxim greatest
meat, meat/o passage
med middle
medi, medi/o toward the middle
medull, medull/o marrow
melan, melan/o black
men, men/o month, menses, menstruation
mening, meningi/o, mening/o membrane, meninges
menisc, menisc/i, menisc/o meniscus, crescent-shaped
menstru to discharge the menses
ment, ment/o mind
mes, mes/o middle
mester month
metr, metr/o to measure, womb, uterus
mi/o less, smaller
micturit, micturit/o to urinate
miliar millet(tiny)
minim least
mit, mit/o thread
mitr, mitr/o mitral valve
mnes memory
mucos, mucos/o, mucus mucus
muscul, muscul/o muscle
muta, mutat, mutat/o to change
my, my/o muscle
my/o, my/o(s) muscle
myc, myc/o fungus
mydriat dialation, widen
myel, myel/o bone marrow, spinal cord
myring, myring/o eardrum, tympanic, membrane
myx, myx/o mucus
narc/o numbness, sleep, stupor
nas/o nose
nat, nat/o birth
necr, necr/o death
nephr, nephr/o kidney
neur, neur/o nerve
neutr/o neither
nid nest
noct, noct/o night
nom law
norm rule
nucl nucleus
nucle kernel, nucleus
nyctal night
o/o night
obsess, obsess/o besieged by thoughts
occlus, occlus/o to close up
ocul, ocul/o eye
odont, odont/o tooth
olecran, olecran/o elbow
olfact/o smell
omnion shoulder
omphal/o naval, umbilicus
onc/o tumor
onych, onych/o nail
oophor, oophor/o ovary
opthalm, opthalm/o eye
opt, opt/o eye
or, or/o mouth
orch, orch/o testicle
orchid,orchid/o testicle
organ, organ/o organ
orth, orth/o straight
oscill, oscill/o to swing
oste, oste/o bone
ot, ot/o ear
ovar ovary
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