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Endocrinology ANS205

Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals Exam 2

What is the endocrine system made up of? a group of ductless glands that secrete 'hormones'
What is the definition of a hormone? chemical substances that are produced by ductless glands; released into the blodd stream; and carried to other parts of the body where they produce a specific regulatory effect
What is the endocrine route? hormone is transported via the blood to target organ
What is the route by which a hormone is screted to the exterior of the body where it interacts with a target organ? exocrine
What is the paracrine route? hormone secreted into the space in between cells and the interstitial fluid carries them to the target organ
What is the route in which a gormone produced by the cell regulates the activity of the cell that produced it? autocrine
What is the neurocrin route? hormones diffuse through synaptic clefts similar to neurotransmitters
Which route does the hormone pass through gap junctions (between) cells and alters the functino of adjacent cells? epicrine
What are the properties used to determine the types of hormones? peptides (protein), amines (modifications of tyrosine), and steroids (cholesterol)
Where are peptide hormones and amines stored? in secretory granules by endocrine cells
Can steriod hormones be stored? No, they must be synthesized.
What is the purpose of gastron? stimulates release of gastric juices for digestion to being
Where is gastrin released? wall of stomach
Which hormone stimulates secretion of intestinal/pancreatic juices to continue digestion in duodenum? Secretin
Where is secretin produced? wall of small intestine
What hormone is produce in the kidney and what does it do? erythropoietin stimulates bone marrow
Where are the peptide hormone receptors located? cell membrane
How is the response time of the peptide hormone receptors? Rapid and quickly reversed as well
What are the secondary messengers? cellular components that bring about desired hormone effects of hormone after bindingof hormone to receptor
Which hormone receptors are found in the cytoplasm/nucleus? steroid
How is the response time of steriod hormone receptors? They are slower than the peptide hormone receptors but last longer.
Increase production of this brings about desired effect of hormone. protein
Which organs only function to produce hormones? Pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal
Which hormones are secreted by the hypothalamus? CRH, GnRH, GHRH, TRH
What do the hormones of the hypothalamus do? synethesizes oxytocin and antidiuretic hormones
The hypothalamus stimulates the release of various hormones from what? adenohypophysis (anterior pituitary)
Which gland contains hormones that generally affect the function of many organs in a variety of systems? pituitary
What are the two histologically distinct tissues and another name for them? Anterior lobe, epithelial tissue, Adenohypophysis; posterior lobe, neural tissue, Neurohypophysis
What does adeno- mean? gland
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