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Intro to Anatomy and

Penn Foster- Intro to Anatomy and Physiology

How does the anatomy of a muscle or bone differ from its physiology Anatomy deals with the form and structure of a muscle or bone. physiology deals with their function
How might abnormalities in an animal's anatomy or physiology have a negative impact on its health and well-being? The functions of the parts of an animal's body are extremely interrelated. Therefore an abnormality with the anatomy or physiology of one part can affect other parts
how does each of the anatomic planes of reference (sagittal, median) divide a cow's body? The sagittal plane divides the body into left and right parts, which are not necessarily equal. The median plane runs lengthwise down the center of the animal's body and divides it into equal left and right halves.
(transverse plane) the transverse plane divides the body into cranial and caudal parts, which are not necessarily equal.
(dorsal plane) the dorsal plane divides the animal's body at a right angle to the sagittal or transverse plane and divides the body into dorsal and ventral parts, which are not necessarily equal
Why must the term rostral be used instead of cranial to describe structures on a hedgehog's head, but the term caudal works just fine? Caudal always means toward the tail end of the body. The cranium is part of the head therefore the term cranial loses its meaning. Rostral specifically means toward the tip or nose.
If your left hand is on a goat's belly and your right hand is on its back, which hand is on the animal's dorsal surface and which is on its ventral surface? the left hand is on the ventral surface, and the right hand is on the dorsal surface
the next time you see a dog, differentiate between the medial and lateral surfaces of one of its elbows and the proximal and distal ends of one of its legs the medial surface is toward the center line of the animal's body, and the lateral surface is on the outer side of the elbow. The proximal part of the leg is closer to the body relative to, for example, the toes, which are located distally
if you insert a hypodermic needle into a horse's muscle to give an injection, which end of the needle(tip or hub) is located deep in the muscle and which end is located superficially? the tip is deep and the hub is superficial
what surface of a hamster's front leg is in contact with the ground when it is walking normally? what surface of the hind leg? the palmar surface of the front leg and the plantar surface of the hind leg are touching the ground
according to the principle of bilateral symmetry, single structures in the body are located on or near which anatomical plane of reference? median plane
where is the pleura found? the pleura is found in the thoracic cavity
where is the peritoneum found?> the peritoneum is found in the abdominal cavity
what is the difference between the visceral and parietal layer of the pleura and peritoneum the visceral layer covers the organs and parietal layer lines the whole cavity
describe how a cell, a tissue, an organ, and a system differ in an animal's body a cell is the basic functional unit of life. Specialized cells grouped together form tissues. Organs are formed by groups of tissues that work together for a common purpose. Systems are groups of organs involved in a common set of activities.
What are the four basic tissues that make up an animal's body epithelial, connective, muscle and nervous
how does the normal anatomy and physiology of cells in an animal's body impact the health of the animal as a whole? the health of cells affects the health of tissues, which affects the health of organs, which affects the health of systems, which affects the health of the whole body.
how does anatomy and physiology of the animal's body as a whole impact the health of its cells? the health of the body affects the health of the systems, which affects the health of the organs, which affects the health of the tissues, which affects the health of the cells
how do homeostatic mechanisms influence the health of an animal as conditions inside and outside change, homeostatic mechanisms influence the health of an animal by helping to maintain a fairly constant internal environment inside the body, making life possible.
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