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Intro to Vet Tech

Penn Foster - Intro to Vet Tech

What is a typical benefit of a job in veterinary medicine The chance to make a difference in the lives of animals
Where and when was the first Veterinary college was founded Lyon France 1761
True or False Veterinary Medicine is likely to remain a male-dominated profession False
Veterinary Practice Act laws that govern veterinary medicine in a particular state
Veterinary Medical Board a group of veterinarians appointed by the governor to oversee a state's veterinary medicine
BVME Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
American Veterinary Medical Association accredits college training programs for veterinary and veterinary technicians
CVTEA an AVMA committee that accredits veterinary technology programs
Who is charged with enforcing regulations to protect workers from workplace hazards? OSHA-Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Who is th eVeterinary Priactice Acts written by? state legislators
What governs the sale manufacture and distribution of potentially dangerous drugs Controlled Substance Act
What does the State department of Health regulate? Pesticides
What does the Animal Welfare Act regulate Laboratory Animals
Who licenses the Veterinarians who dispense or prescribe narcotic drugs? Food and Drug Administration
The term mixed animal practice refers to a veterinary clinic that treats what type of animals? both large and companion animals
What is the agency that offers voluntary accreditation to companion animal hospitals American Animal Hospital Association
True or False The primary goal of the veterinary helath care team is to treat as many animals as possible False
Who are most veterinary assistants employed by private small animal practices
What is one of the tasks a Veterinarian may delegate to a support staff member dispensing medication to a client
True or False Both Veterinarians and veterinary technicians specialist can prescribe medications FALSE
A veterinary assistant works directly under the supervision of who? The veterinarian or veterinary technician
Which of the veterinary team performs the task of ordering supplies Veterinary practice Manager
Which of the veterinary team has the Initial client contact Veterinary Receptionist
Which of the veterinary team performs the task of preparing sugical equipment? Veterinary Technician
Which of the veterinary team performs the task of animal restraint? Veterinary Assistant
The ______ _____ is the veterinary practice's coordination center reception area
True or False A place for clients to stand and reassure their animals during surgical operations is good client care? False
What is the function of the Isolation area? to quarantine patients that might have easily transmitted infections
What is the function of the Treatment Area? to administer medicine, diagnostic procedures, and bandage changes
What is the laboratory's funtion in a Veterinary practice? Clinical Diagnostic procedures
What is the function of the Hospital Ward Confinement of inpatients
What is an Animal Control Officer responsible for picking up stray animals
True or False No formal education is required to own and operate a pet-sitting business True
What is the goal of a Wildlife Rehabilitator to take care of injured & orphaned animals with the goal of returning them to the wild
True or False Illness in zoo animals is usually easy to spot False
What kind of companies hire Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants for their sales force Pet food, Drug Manufacturers, and Electric fence companies
What reflects professionalism in a Veterinary Practice Neat, clean appropriate attire? Staying up to date on knowledge in the professionals fild? discretion w/regard to client confidentiality
If a vet practice refuses legal client request on ethical grounds...what is the risk the risk is that the refused client will go elsewhere an convince friends to do the same
How many years do Veterinarians usually attend college and veterinary school for 8
What is a Vet Assist. qualified to perform maintenance of equipment and supplies
How many Vet Assist for each Vet Tech. does a small animal practice have on staff 1
A certified, licensed, or registered Vet Tech. refers to someone who has completed what? an AVMA- accredited college program in Vet Technology and passed the national exam
Why was Veterinary Medicine developed as a science because of the concern aobut livestock disease
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