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Chapter 5 Anat/Phys

Chapter 5 Anatomy & Physiology Vet Tech

Why is skin so important Skin is important because it is one of the largest and most extensive organ systems in the body. It involves every inch of the external animal and includes hair, hooves, horns, claws and various skin-related glands
List 3 important functions of skin 1. skin covers and protects underlying structures 2. by forming a critical barrier between the delicate inner working of the body and the harsh elements of the external world. 3. assists in the maintenance of a normal body temperature.
List 3 more important functions of skin 4. skin excretes water, salt and organic wastes 5. skin is an important sensory organ that takes in information form the environment through touch and pressure and converys this input to regions of the central nervous system. 6. synthesized vitamin D
List the 5 layers of the epidermis from innermost layer outward stratum germinativum, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum and stratum corneum
How is the skin of hairy animals different from that of humans skin covered with fur usually consists of three epidermal layers rather than five.
how is the dermis different from the epidermis unlike the epidermis, which is primarily cellular, the dermis is highly fibrous.
what causes pigmentation of the skin pigmentation is caused by the presence or absence of melanin granules in the armlike extensions of the melanocytes.
what are the three cycles of hair growth anagen - is the time of hair growth telogen- occurs when the maximum length of hair is achieved, the hair stops growing, the follicle shortens and the hair is held in a resting phase. catagen- is the period of transition between the anagen and telogen p
why does hair turn gray and then white as animals age as animals age, melanin production decreases, and the hair begins to turn gray. white hair is formed when the cortex loses its pigment entirely and the medulla becomes completely filled with air.
what factors stimulate contraction of the arrector pili muscle and why is this muscle important the sympathetic nervous system stimulates the contraction of the arrector pili muscles when an animal is frightened or cold. this reaction is a defense mechanism designed to make the animal appear bigger and therefore less vulnerable to potential predato
name two types of sweat glands. eccrine and apocrine
where are anal sacs found and what is their importance to animals cats and dogs have anal sacs that are located at the 5 and 7 o'clock positions relative to the anus. when the animal defecates or becomes frightened, some or all of the anal sac contents are expressed
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