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home ec chapter 4

special diets

what are some health problems associated with high sugar and fat? over weight and obesity toothdecay
what are some guidelines for reducing sugar intake? drink water instead of sweetened drinks eat low fat cereals biscuits and cakes eg brand flakes or whetabix and replace high sugar snacks with fresh fruit vegetables seeds and unsalted nuts
what is the recommended daily amount of salt for adults? 6g
what are some effects of high salt intake? high blood pressure stroke and kidney damage
what are some guidelines for reducing salt intake? reduce the amount of salt you add at the table and during cooking. use herbs spices and peppers to flavour food instead of salt. choose fresh meet instead of processed meat. avoid foods with a high sugar content eg packet soups and sauces read labels
what does msg stand for and what does it mean? monosodium glutamate and its a type of salt
what are some benefits of high fibre sugar? soaks up water which makes the food bulky in the body this causes muscular movement in the intestine which pushes the food quickly along therefore fibre prevents constipation and other owe; disorders. fibre does not contain calories but it gives
what does fibre do and what is it useful for? it gives a feeling of fullness so it is useful for losing weight
what are some effects of low fibre intake? constipation occurs when faeces gets stuck in the bowel. bowel disease is caused when hard faeces becomes stuck in the bowel wall, this can lead to bowel cancer. piles(swollen blood vessels)occur in the anus as a result oh hard waste passing through
what should you do to reduce fat intake? grill steam bake or microwave instead of frying food. increase the intake of fruit and vegetables increase excersise levels to strenghthen heart and reduce stress levels in your life take time to relax
what is a vegan? lives on plant and cereal foods they do not eat meat, meat products, poultry fish dairy products or eggs
what is a lactovegetarian they do not eat meat, meat products fish or poultry. they do eat dairy products and eggs
what are some reasons for choosing a vegetarian diet? some vegetarians believe it is wrong to kill animals. religious reasons for example Hiduism, they believe that the cow is sacred and thatb it is wrong to kill it. it is cheaper and for fashion
what is coeliac disease? a person who has this cannot digest gluten
what is gluten? a protein found in wheat
what happens when people with coeliac disease eat gluten? it damages the gut and this causes weight loss and symptoms such as cramps, diarrhoea and anaemia
what foods should you avoid if you have coeliac disease? all products made from wheat barley oat and rye, products containing breadcrumbs such as sausages and breaded fish, packet soups
what are some foods allowed if you have coeliac disease? gluten free bread, gluten free pasta, fruit and vegetables
Created by: angel555