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nutrients chemical compounds in food that helps body maintain health
proteins 1 of the 3 nutrients used for energy/calories by the body; required for the muscle, skin, and bones to remain healthy
carbohydrates 1 of the 3 nutrients used for energy/calories by the body; takes the form of (simple) sugars or (complex) starches and fiber
fiber parts of fruit and veggies that can't be digested; helps maintain a healthy weight and lowers risk of getting diabetes and heart disease
vitamins essential nutrients; They help with mitosis and boost your immune system
minerals natural nutrients taking place; inorganic compounds & elements
water H2O
heart disease when blood cells are narrowed or blocked
cholesterol waxy substance that's found in the fats in your blood
lipid fats, oils and waxes
folic acid synthetic form of B9 that helps the nervous system
electrolytes compound which produces ions when dissolved in a solution
M.S.G. (Monosodium glutamate) flavor enhancer connected to many health issues
G.M.O (Genetically modified organisms ) organisms in which DNA has been changed in a way that doesn't happen naturally by mating
R.D.A. (Recommended Dietary Allowance) estimated amount of a nutrient per day considered necessary
glucose a simple sugar; a monosaccharide; The body produces it from protein, fat and, in largest part, carbohydrate
hunger A feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food
appetite A natural desire to satisfy a bodily need
glycogen carbohydrate consisting of a long chain of many glucose molecules
amino acids The building blocks of polypeptides and proteins
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