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Optum test 1

Review for test 1 Optus, vocabulary, check knowledge

Abstract Extract, take out, specific information or to summarize info on pt's chart
Classification systems ICD (mortality/morbidity)and CPT (procedures), coding systems
Computer physician order entry Entry of data into health record system by authorized profession
Designated record sets Defined group of info consists of medical and billing records, case management no other info used to make health decisions
Electronic health record Computerized medical record w/ capability to capture, store data and share records
Electronic Medical Record Digital version of all entries in pt' charts
EncoderPro Harris caretracker programs for online coding verifications
HIPAA Provides a standardized framework within high all insurance companies and providers work to enhance portability of HC coverage
Meaningful use Electronic health record technology used in meaningful way for purpose of electronic exchange of health information
Protected health information Information about the Pt's past, present or future health condition that contains personal identifying information
Which law provides incentive payments to providers for converting f/ paper records to electronic? American recovery and reinvestment act (ARRA)
An unbilled claim can result from Sex missing, only pt name fields being populated
Known as level 1 of HCPCS CPT
Which is not a function of practice management Recording pt's vitals
An electronic health records specialist will be employed in Coding, abstracting, HIPAA compliance
Universal coding system for identifying laboratory and clinical observations LOINC (logical observation identifiers names and codes)
NOT an advantage of EMR Patient Privacy
Info about Pt's lifestyle such as smoking, drinking, relationship, sexual Hx is Social History
Word analysis breaks words down into Word roots, prefixes & suffixes and combining vowels/combining forms
PHI can be released w/o consent f/ PT is known as Treatment, payment and operations (TPO)
Created by: Gmtassa23